Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Farm Fun!

Last Sunday we had such a fun day exploring the Pumpkin Farm near our house. It was a PERFECT Fall day, and so nice to have a whole afternoon outside with Miss Caroline. We loved getting to hang out with Chris and Lyndsey, and of course Gavin, and our friends Bruce and Rachel, and their son Josiah.

Caroline went down her first slide, rode her first Carrousel, met her first barn animals {a horse, a billy goat, a pig, and a donkey!}, went through her first corn maze, experienced a hay ride, and helped mom and dad pick out her very first big pumpkin!

Of course it was also the perfect time for lots and lots of photos!
Oh man, I love these two! 
 We simply couldn't pass up on a ride in the Cow Train! It was bumpy and shaky and so, so fun! 
 Here come the Dads!
 And we Mamas had to take a turn too!
Yes, only in our tiny virginia town would Jay have the option of choosing a carrousel horse for our daughter first ride that is named Robert E Lee....
 She LOVED it!
And adored spending a whole day outside!
 The only Family Photo we got, and the sun was right in poor Jay's eyes... oh well, we'll try again next year. Pretty sure I made up for it with the millions of photos of C!
Cousin secrets!

Perfect day for memory making!

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  1. I NEED/WANT the 2 pics of her by the pumpkins. So perfect! love love that the weather was so perfect. Good Times!

  2. Love all these pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. This does look like the perfect fall day! Brings back memories of takng both boys to Chester fArms in Churchville!