Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chick-fil-A's Girls Night Out

I had the huge privilege of getting to run Chick-fil-A of Waynesboro's first Girls Night Out. It was SO much fun! I really do love, love, love getting to help create fun experiences for our community {especially the really girly kind!} through our business.

These are the kinds of events that my mom and her closest friends organized in their homes for me and my dear childhood friends as we grew up. Those events probably make up more of my kid memories than anything else. I truly feel blessed to get to do a tiny bit of that through Chick-fil-A.

I believe that there is something special about getting to have an evening out with just one parent doing anything out of the ordinary. Uninterupted Mommy-Daughter time is precious. I am learning that more and more as I watch my Caroline grow SO fast.

Here are a few photos from our evening:
My Girl! 
Girly decorations, menus, and flowers along with beads and string to make jewelry during dinner.
Princess cow with Tammy and her sweet daughter. She is a jewelry rep who brought tons of fun pieces of dress up jewels and hair pins for girls to wear.
We were also blessed to have two Mary Kay reps come and "make-over" girls with blush and lip gloss. I am a HUGE Mary Kay fan, and these girls were so great! 
Lots of fun, extra girly pictures for mommies and daughters to take home.
Yummy Chick-fil-A food delivered to tables... and a perfect girls night has to have dessert and we had the new DELICIOUS Chocolate chunk cookies and peach shakes!
Bonita's Salon braided hair and it was a big hit! 
Such a fun night, and I am already thinking of ideas for Girls Night round two!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

20 Weeks! {and some "4 Month Stats"}

Our Sweet Caroline is 20 Weeks today!

Big news: She is officially sleeping nights in her crib. I cried a little bit the first night, but the fact was that the bassinet was just too tiny, and she was too un-comfy. It was time, and she has been great so far. We've had a couple middle-of-the-night wake-ups, but she went back to sleep fairly easily. I do miss looking over at her sleeping next to us in the middle of the night... there really is just something about a sleeping baby... but it was time for her to start enjoying that nursery that we worked so hard on!

I call her "my bug" or "love bug" or "buga-boo" or any sort of silliness that pops into my head, so this cute little Lady-Bug outfit from Gram is a favorite!
This girl has my heart.
Oh, and I call her drool bug these days too :) 
I tell ya the silliness gene must automatically get kicked up a notch when you birth a baby.
 Caroline, you are simply precious

Caroline had her 4 month Check-up a week after her 4 month "birthday" and I am another week behind that posting her "stats" but hey, life is busy with a 20 week old!
16 lbs 2 oz 
{Chunky Monkey! Notice her thighs above... Their perfect!}
26 inches long
89% percentile for both weight and height
14 head circumference putting her in the 51%
{This all equates to healthy and happy.}

Off to another week of joy-filled Mama duties. Happy Monday! 

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Mountain Vacation in Photos

I'm a couple weeks past vacation and wishing for a nice relaxing day to go hiking with my family... it was SO nice to be away! Its also nice to be home and back in a routine and getting things accomplished, but I am a girl who loves the heck out of some vacation days!

It was especially nice to spend some time in the mountains and escape a little of the early August heat. Mom rented a great house up in the NC mountains and we did lots of hiking and playing. Lots of baby wearing and porch sitting. It was a great to be with family, and Caroline met her Mimi and cousins Susan and Katie for the first time, and had her first Hot Tub experience {on a really low, cool setting of course!} She was obsessed with the bubbles the hot tub created. Love our funny girl! Jay and Uncle Ben climbed and jumped off of lots of rocks. We killed a copperhead snake while hiking {freaky!}. Cooked some, and shopped some too! Bella loved vacation most of all though. Spending days either laying on a porch or hiking is her kind of life! Mine too :)

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