Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why this little Blog?

Over the past 2 months or so I have been thinking on and off about why I write this little blog. It hasn't really been the focus of life over the past several months, and maybe that is why I have had so many thoughts about what I like about blogging, and what I don't.

The past several months have been B.U.S.Y with a capitol B. And I have a pretty strong hunch that seems to be the new normal, and its kinda the way we like things around here. Miss Love Bug is getting more and more fun, and busier by the day, and we want to throw more kids into that mix... more kids we birth {and Lord knows that being pregnant alone makes a mama feel like her body is hiking a 10,000 foot mountain} and we want to adopt... a some point. All that kid talk to say life will only speed up... in the best possible ways.

So, I am in a season of focusing on priorities and figuring our how to make my life Full {you know, my 2013 goal word} without seeming like frantic chaos. I want to be invested in what matters, in the things God is calling me too, and in the commitments that only I am uniquely able to handle.

Alright, with that said, I love this little blog. My little corner of the web. My space to express myself and reflect our life. I blog for my family. For Caroline. One day hopefully, she can look back and read about her Mama's memories, and her parent's heart for her along the way.

It's by far not my top priority. It falls somewhere in the mix when all the important playing, and memory making, and celebrating, and loving and relationships, and oh after some working, and after the cleaning gets finished up. Yes, after the cleaning, because I am a little OCD like that, and it is important to me that our home is a place of peace for my hard working husband to come home to {As I type this, I have about 3 loads of laundry screaming my name, and dinner would be much less stressful if was currently being fixed while C is napping, but apparently today blogging does feel more important than those things.}

Blogging to me isn't about how many followers I have, or how many comments I get... sure those things are nice and affirming, but its not why I started this blog, or what motivates me.

My first blog post was about this time three years ago when Jay and I lived in Oklahoma... I was desperate to keep up with all that was going on in our lives and all the changes that were coming full force in our direction. In the 3 years since I first designed this little page, we have moved to Virginia, adopted our Bella-Dog, overseen the building of, and opening of our very own Chick-fil-A, bought and renovated a house, and welcomed sweet Caroline into the world. I love looking back on those memories and reading and seeing pictures from those times. That is why I blog, for me really. For me it is to capture moments and weigh them down with the importance of written word and reflection.

I love reading other blogs. I probably really spend too much time doing it... Mom blogs, food blogs, and decorating blogs, and money saving blogs, and everything in between. They provide so much wisdom, and even some connective-ness for a mostly stay-at-home mom. They feel like you have an unknown friend in your corner. Kinda like when a mom stopped behind me at a stop light gave me a quick thumbs up and wave as I am parked, at a green light, to re-insert Caroline's pacifier into her screaming mouth, instead of just honking and seeming overly annoyed that I am holding up traffic. While each mom's journey in child loving is so very different, it is also so very similar in the day in, and day out devotion and unexplainable care for those hands and feet, and smiles that you have known since their very creation. Its a powerful, unspoken bond in being a mama.

If I can ever be an encouragement to others in my words or stories, or if I can point others in a tiny way towards Jesus then I pray fervently that my blog does that. There would be no greater purpose.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Months!

Our Busy Little Love Bug turned TEN WHOLE MONTHS last week... Ahhhhh! I am already thinking first birthday {actually, i'll be honest, I started thinking first birthday party planning when she was one month... so its more nailing down details now! What can I say I like to plan, and especially when it involves celebrating}

But for now she is thankfully still only 10 months and 1 week... and I am so glad because she is fun to the tenth degree. Into EVERYTHING, and doesn't sit still unless she is asleep. I tricked her into 2 minutes of stillness to snap these pictures by giving her a couple new books. Sneaky mama :)
Books, Caroline, are your favorite thing. You like to be read to, like to flip pages, love to pull them out of the basket, you adore books with buttons, flaps, textures, or sound, and your water books in the bath are a must every.single.night. You love them all. Caroline, I hope this love for books sticks around forever. 
 Along with being busy and reading you love to eat. You love snacks and your current favorite foods are butternut squash, yogurt, and mangos! 
 Caroline, you are pulling up on everything you can get your hands on. You "cruise" around the coffee table and ottoman, and are even standing alone some when you let go of a chair or furniture. Walking is coming, but Mama is in no hurry. I feel like I am just getting use to crawling.
In the last couple weeks you have now figured out how throw the ball for Bella. You are so proud of yourself, and Bella loves that you are able to interact more and more. She is such a sweet and gentle "big sis". 
Mom and Dad left you for the first time last week for 5 nights. You stayed with Gram and did awesome. You had a blast and I am doubtful if you even missed Mama at all. Mama on the other hand missed you tons! 
Caroline, you are into dancing these days. You think music is the greatest, and bounce around and clap your hands to anything that has a beat {even Mama's awful singing!} 
You are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes these days... you are so long, and your chubby baby rolls are disappearing quickly. Your 9 month check up and "stats" were really 9 1/2 month stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz
Length: 29 1/2 in 
Caroline, your very favorite thing these days is to say "Bye-Bye" to everything. and to everyone. All the time. Its adorable, and you have a country twang to your "bye." It couldn't be any cuter. 
Thanks for another wonderful month full of laughter and silliness. Thanks for your grins and your learning. You remain our joy!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Caroline's Dedication Sunday

Well Hello there! I have been a little big slack in blogging recently... And I am 100% okay with that. Life has been busy, busy, busy, and very FULL... and all free moments have been spent with my precious girl. She is fun beyond words these days.

I have missed my little sphere of the world wide web though, because it is such a good thing for me to take a few minutes and reflect on this crazy beautiful life. It is therapy, and it helps me to weigh down these life moments and savor them. I have more thoughts on the "why I blog" topic, and I feel like that will be coming soon... 

okay, okay.... so I am excited to share pictures from Caroline's dedication at church last Sunday. I love our church. It has been a huge blessing in our Virginia Adventure. We have such wonderful friendships that continue to grow, and I have a group of ladies who challenge me to be a better mama, wife, and woman. Thank you dear friends!

Now our girl... she was beautiful. And loved being up front. And she held onto Pastor B's hands the whole time he prayed over her. It was precious. 
My Mama came up for the weekend, and Jay's parents, and Uncle Chris and Gavin joined us in celebrating this special day. And they joined us for a Chili and Cornbread lunch back at our house after. Perfect for a very chilly day. 
Bella felt the need to distract Caroline during our family picture... she was here first after all!
My Mama gave Caroline this dress before she was even born. It was her first Grandma purchase once she knew that our Baby was girl :)
This girl ADORES her DaDa... and her mama adores that she is a daddy's girl already.
A little karate anyone? She wasn't feeling the traditional posing for this after church photo shoot. She was too busy! Thats the norm these days. 
Caroline's motto: "Don't stop moving unless I'm asleep." 
Speaking of moving... she finally got out of her dress later that day and was ready to get a move on in her "car"... and side note, are her eyes not gorgeous? I know I am partial, but seriously. So blue. So, so pretty. 
"The Lord your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you; 
He will quiet you with His love,
and rejoice over you with singing."
-Zephaniah 3:17

Caroline this remains our prayer for you. That as you grow you understand the magnitude of God's promise to you. He loves you so deeply, and so fiercely. As much as mommy and daddy love you, God loves you ten times that amount. We pray that as your grow, God gives us the wisdom to guide you and direct you and point you towards Him. You are our joy dear girl, and our blessing. Lean into His love and allow it to lead your life. 

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