Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Six Months!

Our girl just celebrated her first 1/2 birthday last week. CRAZY! I really convinced 6 months is the best age. I keep saying that at every stage, but she is just plain fun! Caroline is learning so many new things, and so happy and content almost all the time. She loves to be held and cuddled, but also loves to explore and experience new things and be outside. Each day is a new adventure and I love living the newness everyday with her. I have said it a million times but being mom is the best job ever created!

We just went in for the 6 month check-up this morning,and after getting past the tears of too many shots we are having a great monday. Our new tile floors are being installed in out kitchen, and somehow sweetness is napping through quite a bit of loud hammering and banging going on below us. I am grabbing these few semi-calm moments to update on her big girl stats, and share photos from our 6 month photo shoot last week!

Weight: 18 lbs 14 oz (90%... oh my!)
Height: 28 inches (98%... double OH MY!)
and most importantly, Very Healthy!!!

Yes, we have one very long, and fairly chubby girl. My new favorite thing is to dress her in tight baby leggings to show off her leg rolls. Mean Mama? Maybe, but it is SO adorable, and its the only time in life when thigh rolls are found highly cute and attractive.

We are loving the Virginia October weather and are spending lots of days outside. I am so happy with how these pictures turned out because Caroline had so much fun playing in the dirt and pulling up flowers... great memory making!

 "seriously mom, pictures again!?!"
 Kisses from Bella!
 Sweet Cousin time! Gavin is 13 months, and showing Caroline lots of things like digging in the dirt. SO MUCH FUN to have these two in the same house for a couple months. Busy, busy, busy!
little stinker got ahold of a handful of mums... atleast she was drawn to the right color! ;)
 Check out those two bottom teeth! Growing up so fast.. can't believe my babe has teeth....

Caroline - We are loving every second with you. You continue to be such a Joy. Words can't express how much Mama and Daddy adore you. A few big first this past month include getting your first 2 bottom teeth at around 5 1/2 months. You have been a tiny bit fussy in the evenings, and want to chew on most everything, but really have handled the first teething phase SO well.

We also gave you your first solid foods over the past 2 weeks or so. I can't say your a very big fan. You want to hold the spoon, but past that you tend to spit most of the sweet potatoes or apples or avocados out of your mouth. You'll get their baby girl. No rush. Mama is completely content nursing you for now, and we will keep trying yummy fruits and veggies.

You are happy as can be in front of any mirrors and it is the greatest thing to hear you squeal with delight. We love gigglebellie videos, bath-time with lots of toys, sophie the girrafe, watching other kids, Bella, walks in the stroller, doing anything and everything outside, music, your blankets, and sitting up on your own like a big girl.

Thanks for another wonderful month of smiles, and giggles, and memories. There are more to come! We love you baby girl.

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  1. Love the pics and how wonderfully blessed she is God sent her to our family. So much joy! love u sunshine