Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sweet Baby James is NINE months!

We are thankful for this little nine month man. James you sure are busy these days, and are proving to  be very fun, and also quite the challenge! You smile all the time, and have this classic, huge mouth grin that we call the "James smile"! Its the best. You love your sissy and light up when daddy comes home. You are reaching for people you love to hold you, and attempting to wave "bye-bye". 

In this last month you have really decided that this eating solid food thing is great fun. You have loved everything we have offered you.... you usually eat two solid meals a day, and still nurse about 6 times a day/night. So far your favorites are sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and avocado. Butternut squash, Bananas, and zucchini are also a few others you are enjoying. Puffs are a big hit, and you are doing great at your pincer grasp in feeding them to yourself. 

At your 9 month check up last week you weighed in at 21 lbs and 7 oz and were 29 inches long! 80% for both. You are our big guy and we are SO thankful you are healthy and growing. We also just made the jump to 12 month clothes. 

James you LOVE to pull up on everything. Standing is your preferred position (aside from being held!) and you have great body awareness. You're able to move from sofa to coffee table and make your way around the table holding on. We lowered your crib this past month too because you were very close to flipping your little self right over with all that standing and bouncing! Love seeing you learn new things, but also not quite sure I am ready for all these big, independent, new skills. 

James, your sleeping is leaving a lot to be desired... You go to sleep so easy with our night time routine, and we can lay you down awake without a fuss, BUT... Daddy and I are having a hard time understanding why you still need to wake up every 3 - 4 hours and why you wake up mad as a hornet and have to be nursed back to sleep. We are ready for you to get this sleeping thing down, sweet buddy. It is exhausting, and we know you are tired too because you never really get into a deep sleep. Also, mr James, while we are on the subject, you are welcome to take a little longer naps during the day too. I promise you will feel better with more than just 45 minutes!

You also have started this screaming phase. Not our favorite. But we do love seeing you enjoy your baths, and peek-a-boo, and play with some favorite toys like your train, blocks, and anything that makes noise! 

Thank you for another fun month of smiles and laughter!

A few highlights from this past month...
Lots of snuggles with mom and dad and sister!
Cousin Christmas fun with Gavin and Rosie in South Carolina
Visit with Papa Jim! These visits are always the best. We love anytime we get with this wise man. I am so thankful that you have this man's name and legacy! 
Christmas morning jammies and snuggles
Christmas fun with Uncle Ben and Aunt Stella and Gram.. opening gifts and playing with wrapping paper and new toys!
Driving Mommy around for errands with Caroline
New Years Day early morning book reading... a great start for 2015 with these two!
Playing with sweet baby friends at Young Lives
Smiles and warm clothes for days spent in and out of the car taking and picking Sister up from school
Lots of book reading and basket emptying
Singing and dancing and smiling during lunch. These two make my heart very happy!

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