Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 Years!

 My handsome groom, 4 years ago today. 
Thrilled, and excited 4 years ago today. 
Loving every minute of wearing my dress 4 years ago today.
Blessed beyond belief to have the support of 12 amazing women 4 years ago today.
Eager to start OUR marriage adventure 4 years ago today. 
Thankful, beyond any words, to have my Dad walk with me during this huge milestone in my life
Unaware of how special this moment really would be 4 years ago today.
And today, This Man, My Man, is still so handsome to me. 
I am still thrilled and excited to be his wife. 
I no longer wear my wedding dress (too bad its not functional or appropriate for every day life!) but I do still like to dress up for special occasions with my husband. 
I still feel blessed by the support of many, many, many friends and family who have shaped our marriage in incredible ways over the past 4 years. 
I am still eager for the next adventures in OUR story. 
I am still thankful for the memories with my Daddy on that day.

We have had so many wonderful changes in the past year {precious Caroline!} and it has been SO, SO, SO great to still be married to this man. To learn parenthood together. Seeing him as a father is BEYOND what I could have ever dreamed... I can't think of anything that is sweeter to my mama eyes. 

Jay, I love you. Happy 4 years. Thank you for being mine. 

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  1. Wow! I Can't believe it's been 4 years. Jay looks so much older now; it must be his hair. My grandmother used to wear her wedding dress around the house every year on her anniversary. I am following her lead and have started to do that. My husband rolls his eyes but I think it is fun to bring back the memories. Are you guys exchanging traditional linen or silk gifts for your 4th anniversary?

  2. What a GRAND day it was! As MOB I was so happy and celebratory for my gift Kat! Loved that day. You were so beautiful and so blessed that Daddy walked you down the isle. God is sooo good! Blessings and Happy Anniv! Many yrs. ahead to celebrate! Love you my lady