Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Guest Room!

I have finally finished up a few of the projects in our Guest Room and I wanted to share the final product {atleast for now... I always seem to be wanting to change things around!} 
 The wall color is Blue Hubbard by Sherwin Williams. It is such a great color that we loved it so much we used it in our downstairs half-bath as well. Much, much better than the awful green carpet and green walls and green trim, don't you agree?
 This room sorta felt jungle-ish with the bamboo shades and if you look closely below you will notice the closet door pull is a frog. {OH MY!}
Its AMAZING what a coat of paint, new carpet, new blinds, new ceiling fan, and a little bit of taste in door handles can do for a space :)
Our "H" pillow was a wedding gift, and the chevron pillows my sweet mom found at Stien Mart. The Color matches perfectly and I am in love with all things chevron these days. 
I made my super simple pinch curtains from fabric that I fell in love with from {Also with help from my sweet mama!} These were a post-caroline project. I think she was only about 4 weeks old and they took all day for two of us to go back in forth between rocking, feeding, and soothing her to get the babies lined and sewed! 

This is the room my Mama/Gram always stays in when she visits, and as I am typing this I am sorta feeling like I made her decorate her own guest room... Sorry Mama!
 My chalkboard was a fun Saturday afternoon project. I bought a poster frame from Target for super cheap, took out the plexi-glass, and painted the particle board backing of the frame with two coats of Chalk board paint from Lowes. It was SO easy!

{And check out those gorgeous leaves changing outside our guest room window. Fall is simply the best in our back yard. Come for a visit and you'll just want to sit and watch the leaves change out this window.}
I wrapped the thin picture hanging wire with Jute rope that I found in a dollar bin at Micheals to add a little something more to this plain black chalk board. The jute stayed in place great with several drops of hot glue. 

It's fun having a chalk board in my guest room to write welcome messages to our guests!
 I love dried hydrangeas. So beautiful and they hold their color really well for a long time!
 The top of the dresser is currently decorated for fall, and will most definitely be switched out for Christmas decorations {yay!} after Thanksgiving. 

The mirror is a Greensboro thrift store find that fits in with the color of the room perfectly. It was one of those things I saw, I loved, I grabbed, and I knew I would find the perfect spot for it eventually. Got to love a cheap, beautiful find.
 I got the idea for these framed quotes from some of our favorite hymns from Emily at Jones Design Co. Emily's art prints are SO beautiful, but I wanted to create something for a little bigger frames, and in slightly different colors for Fall. 
Now, friends and family- come visit us and stay in our Guest Room! Its ready for you anytime!

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  1. I love being a part of helping you make this such a comfy place to 'retreat' on my visits. I love your ideas and glad to assist u. See u soon. love,Gram

  2. I wanna come stay here! ;) The room is beautiful & Blue Hubbard is one of my favorite colors!! I almost used it in our house last year!!