Friday, August 22, 2014

Hello 4 Months!

I love the 4 months age! James is so sweet and smiles all the time, and is learning so much so quick. He still wants to be held constantly, but now facing out to see the world... and to keep up with Big Sister!

Some new developments on the James front are:

Rolling over... ALL THE TIME. He likes his belly {which means I am not sleeping a wink at night worried about him sleeping on his tummy, but the instant I lay him down her turns right over, even if I lay him in his crib sound asleep!} Silly boy.

Also, holding his head up and pushing up on his arms like a champ. So strong this little man. He is starting to love a few toys these days like his big plastic keys, a Taggie toy, and other simple, bright colored toys, and anything musical. We have started having story time when sis naps or before I nurse him at bedtime. Love the bright baby books. I am hoping he will love to read as much as Caroline the book worm!

He is in size 2 diapers and actually had to go out a snap on his cloth too. Pretty much made the full jump into 6 month clothing. It seriously is a tear jerker every time I pack away a size of baby clothes. Am I the only one who feels this way?!?

Nursing about 9 times a day.. and still in the middle of the night. Trying very hard to remember I will one day, {maybe far down the road} miss these sweet midnight moments. For now I try to sleepily and positively use the time to pray over my little guy and all that God will do in and through him.

Also, James had a few spots of eczema on his legs and arms. I decided to do a trial run with eliminating dairy from my diet and in turn from his, and it cleared right up... that and a some Lemon and Lavendar Young Living essential Oil with coconut oil and tallow for his lotion did the trick!

James still loves... Giggling {SO ticklish!}, being worn in a warp {or really just held close constantly},  watching caroline read, sing, play.. anything! She mesmerizes his attention, his bath... but not so much the hair washing part, his soft, blue elephant lovie and lots of music (thankful for pandora for my two littles!)

Some other fun things we did this month were:
- Bush Gardens with Gammy and Papa and Aunt Lyndsey and Uncle Chris, Gavin and Rosie {some one even asked if Rosie who is 10 months and James were twins... he is obviously a big boy!}
- Peach Picking with Gram
- Trip to Gram's house
- Visits with his Great Aunt Mimi and Cousin Susan
- Helped Mom and Dad keep the nursery at Church
- Lots of trips to Chick-fil-A to let sister play
- Lots of walks {and a few even in the stroller like a big guy!}
- Picnics at the park
- Trip to the Green Valley book fair

 James, we continue to fall more and more in love with you each day. Seriously. It feels like you are growing so quick, and at the same time like you have always been here and a part of our family. We simply ADORE your perfectly laid back personality, and the easy way in which your face lights up with a smile or a giggle. Mommy and Daddy are thankful for the healthy way in which you are growing. We are loving praying over your sweet body... that God will use you in big ways for His kingdom. Thank you for bringing even more joy to our home and our lives.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Little Guy is 3 Months!

He is actually 3 1/2 months now... oops! Slacker blogging mom here. I am trying to keep up with monthly posts for him because I did with Caroline and am thankful to have the pictures and updates now. And I actually did take his picture on 3 months to the day... AND they are pretty darn cute, but I am biased I know :)
You, my handsome little one are 15 lbs! Woah... slow down anytime you like. You still are such a snuggly guy, and want to be held constantly, which i don't actually mind, but I remain constantly grateful for our sollybaby wrap. Poor thing you live in it while mama keeps up with big sis. Thanks for being such an agreeable, go-with-the-flow baby. You are sleeping about 8 hours at night, from 10ish to 6:30ish, which is amazing. Thank you! And we are working on naps in your crib. Not your favorite place yet... and I think it really is more that you don't like to be alone. You wake up and realize you aren't being held and can't even handle it. Its okay... we will get there. You actually took a 2 hour crib nap yesterday! Still in size one diapers, but headed from 3 month to 6 month clothes. James, you're holding your head up great, and have rolled from back to belly 3 times now. So strong big guy! 

You love your activity mat, Caroline singing or reading to you, looking in mirrors, being held outward so you can look around, watching Bella dog, and your bath. James, you smile so easily and have also started giggling. LOVE IT! You make the best noises, and sound just like you are talking to us. We're nursing about 7 - 8 times a day with occasional cluster feedings in there. You've also taken a bottle of breast milk twice now, for mommy and daddy to have date nights, without any problem. Thank you!

This past month we went to the beach and Gram's house, dressed you up like a cow for Cow Appreciation Day, got hand, foot, and mouth virus {NOT fun!}, gone for lots of walks, picnics, and lunch playdates with sister, and enjoyed watching you grow and change every day.

We couldn't be more thankful for you sweet buddy. Blessed to call you our son, and to kiss your sweet, smiling cheeks. We love you!

And just for fun, a few other pictures from this month:

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