Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Special Visitors & Our Very Autumn Week!

A couple of weeks ago Miss Caroline and I got to have two visitors! Gram was here all week while Daddy was in Seattle for work, and my good high school friend Emily were here for a day! This Mama loves visitors, and any excuse to have a fun day out. Jay always jokes with me that I am constantly looking for the next fun "trip" or adventure. And by joking, he has hit the nail on the head... I can't help it... I love people and I love to experience new and fun things. AND with Caroline I feel like it is JUST AS FUN to experience things all over because its her FIRST! I am a planner by nature so any excuse to combine friends, and family, and adventures, and planning fun things, I am loving it!

So while Gram was here we went Apple Picking at Carter Mountain Orchard here in Virginia. Apple Picking is one of my all time favorite Fall activities. I think it is because I LOVE apple pie so much, and apple sauce, and apple cider, and being outside and being with my mom. It was a great afternoon! {AND Caroline lucked out with yummy cooked, pureed, and frozen Apple baby food. Yum!}
 Baby wearing is the.greatest.ever.
 "Seriously Mom, no more kisses!"
 When we got back home, Caroline and Gram played with all our apples on the sofa. Love these pictures of my inquisitive girl!
 Aunt Emily brought Caroline her first Pumpkins!!! 
 She loved them. Smart girl going for Orange :)
 She banged and patted and drooled all over them. So much fun! They're on our kitchen table and still a go-to-toy while we are eating dinner. 
 I love this dear friend and we are all excited for the possibility of her moving  so close by in Charlottesville! 
 Such a cute 5 1/2 month grump! She was tired and obviously not in the mood for smiling. This picture with her pouty lip is just too dang cute though!
Emily was the greatest at singing lots of fun songs. I have a feeling Caroline will be begging for Emily to Babysit lots!

Hope y'all are having a great Autumn Monday!

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  1. My Apple of my eye! Miss Sunshine it was fun to go 1st apple pick and play w/your 1st pumpkins!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go apple picking! LOve you guys and your mom! You need to make a beach fall trip...we would love to see you!

  3. Glad she is still having fun with the pumpkins. They are pretty great.