Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the cutest girl i know is 4 MONTHS!

4 Months is FUN, FUN, FUN! Caroline is so interactive and really quite busy to not be sitting up on her own or crawling yet. She just wiggles and roles and wants to be held so she can see EVERYTHING. She really is the most inquisitive babe I have ever seen. Borderline nosey, pretty smart, and definitely adorable.

We spent last week in the mountains with mom, so I am a tad late on her 4 month picture post, but we had a really relaxing time and it was super needed as I mentioned here. It was also fun to be with Mom because she made Caroline's 4 month bib at our baby shower back in March.

I struggled to get pictures this month. I think it had something to do with not all the wiggling I mention earlier, and C's desire to chew on her bib or pull her hair bow out, so I tried several times on a couple different day's last week. I have a feeling more of this "activeness" during photo taking is in my future :)

 Caroline has one very pretty Gram!

 Busy, busy, busy! 
 And she is the Drool Monster... drool everywhere. Teeth early? Guess we'll find out soon!
Still working on modesty with this girl. Luckily I tricked her with a onesie attached to her dress. Mama has to be sneaky ;)
 EVERYTHING to the mouth these days!

 Despite the illusion of these pictures, we were in the mountains. Just had to have a little summer "beach" photo for this girl because be missed out on our beach vacation, and because these sunglasses are too.dang.cute. to leave out!

YOU ARE THE BEST! I love being your mama. I really do fall more in love with you everyday, and seeing your personality continue to develop is about the greatest adventure EVER. We go to the doctor in a couple days for your 4 month stats, so I will update those next week, but as for milestones and firsts you have had several...
Size 2 diapers and we jumped into cloth diapers in the last month. You love them, Mama loves them, and Daddy is still working on loving them. 
Made another jump just this week to size 6 clothes. You can still wear lots some 3-6 month clothes, but I shed a little tear putting away all your 3 month dresses this morning. 
You are holding your head up great, and sleeping fairly well. You seem to have taken a few steps backwards in the last week, but I think your middle of the night wake ups have more to do with your first little cold that struck on vacation. We can't seem to shake that silly stuffy nose. 
You are into lots of toys these days. You love Sofie the giraffe, anything that make noise, colorful rings, the Bright Baby Books, and mirrors. You still LOVE bathtime, and think that Mama's singing is the best. {I am enjoying this while it lasts because very soon you will realize Mama can't sing at all!} "Rise and Shine" and "Old McDonald" are your favorites.
You are also very into Bella these days. You follow her with your eyes and reach out to her when she walks by. She is still a little un-sure of you, but we know she loves you because she will lay in your room while you nap... she's the greatest :)
Oh, and we discovered the GiggleBellies videos on You Tube. Great for a quick entertainment in the car. You could watch all day, but Mama won't allow that! 

Caroline - waking up to your smiles every morning is seriously THE BEST. You are such a pure JOY! Thank you for another great month. We love you sweet girl!

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