Saturday, August 4, 2012

a time to be refreshed

"He will Refresh tired bodies. He will Restore tired souls."
Jeremiah 31:25 {Message} 

Its time to take our sweet girl away... out of town... out of busy, out of chaotic rushing, out of the day to day routine and enjoy rest as a family. 

Bella is pretty excited for a trip to the mountains too! We are going to spend time with family, cook and eat, hike, soak up some cooler mountain weather, maybe catch some fish?, definitely shop, read on the porch, REST, and play with this girl who is growing too fast. 
This is the face of patience. 

The face of a precious girl who so graciously deals with her parents crazy lives and just hangs out at chick-fil-A when needed. Catches a nap in the car-seat and always smiles at those around her. She is a trooper. 

But, now its time to enjoy some restful, slow-paced, memory making days with our love. 

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