Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Mountain Vacation in Photos

I'm a couple weeks past vacation and wishing for a nice relaxing day to go hiking with my family... it was SO nice to be away! Its also nice to be home and back in a routine and getting things accomplished, but I am a girl who loves the heck out of some vacation days!

It was especially nice to spend some time in the mountains and escape a little of the early August heat. Mom rented a great house up in the NC mountains and we did lots of hiking and playing. Lots of baby wearing and porch sitting. It was a great to be with family, and Caroline met her Mimi and cousins Susan and Katie for the first time, and had her first Hot Tub experience {on a really low, cool setting of course!} She was obsessed with the bubbles the hot tub created. Love our funny girl! Jay and Uncle Ben climbed and jumped off of lots of rocks. We killed a copperhead snake while hiking {freaky!}. Cooked some, and shopped some too! Bella loved vacation most of all though. Spending days either laying on a porch or hiking is her kind of life! Mine too :)

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  1. Looks like fun!! Too bad nobody held and loved on
    Miss Caroline. :<} LOL.. She is darling!!