Friday, August 17, 2012

Daddy & Daughter

There is just something special about Daddies and Daughters. 

I know from personal experience. It is the greatest earthly relationship their is.

Caroline - I know you won't understand this now {or anytime in the near future}, but one day you will understand how amazingly special and unique your bond with your Daddy is. It is precious. And you have a tremendous Dad. He is the BEST. He adores you, and protects you, and will challenge you, and he will make mistakes, but he will love you for always. Mama will too, for sure, but Daddies and Daughters are different. 

Our family is into making the memories count, dear girl. So, hold them close to your heart. Life changes so fast, and the chance to make new memories can be gone in an instant. 

You have our heart Caroline, and your Daddy is head over heels for you. 
 When we were in the mountains, Caroline, you had just woken up from your nap, and you happened to be dressed in your Clemson tee, and Daddy was too. It was too perfect a moment to pass up, and the lighting has so great, and I LOVE the way these photos turned out. 
 These are images I will hold in my heart forever. 
 Caroline, your Daddy will teach you all about football... and Clemson football for sure. 
 He will teach you to throw a football, and play lots of sports. He will teach you to drive a car, and climb mountains. He will teach you lots of life lessons, and you will probably teach him some too... {you already have in just 4 short months!}
 Daddy will protect you will strong hands, and it probably will break his heart to let you fall down one day, but Caroline, your Daddy knows what strength is found in the getting back up. He will coach you and guide you, and lead you, but then let you be you. Daddy can't do that for you. Only you can be you. But he will be cheering for you. Mama will too. 
 Daddy will show you how important it is to dream really big. Daddy is great at that. He thinks big, and accomplishes even bigger. He works hard, and plays hard too. He will teach you all about that. He will teach you this in the way he lives his life. It is just what he does. It is who God created him to be. 
 Caroline, you are blessed to be your Daddy's daughter....
... and he is blessed beyond belief to be your Daddy. 

And Mama is the most blessed of all, to get to watch how this amazingly special relationship grow. There isn't much in this life that will make my heart smile any bigger. 

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