Monday, August 27, 2012

20 Weeks! {and some "4 Month Stats"}

Our Sweet Caroline is 20 Weeks today!

Big news: She is officially sleeping nights in her crib. I cried a little bit the first night, but the fact was that the bassinet was just too tiny, and she was too un-comfy. It was time, and she has been great so far. We've had a couple middle-of-the-night wake-ups, but she went back to sleep fairly easily. I do miss looking over at her sleeping next to us in the middle of the night... there really is just something about a sleeping baby... but it was time for her to start enjoying that nursery that we worked so hard on!

I call her "my bug" or "love bug" or "buga-boo" or any sort of silliness that pops into my head, so this cute little Lady-Bug outfit from Gram is a favorite!
This girl has my heart.
Oh, and I call her drool bug these days too :) 
I tell ya the silliness gene must automatically get kicked up a notch when you birth a baby.
 Caroline, you are simply precious

Caroline had her 4 month Check-up a week after her 4 month "birthday" and I am another week behind that posting her "stats" but hey, life is busy with a 20 week old!
16 lbs 2 oz 
{Chunky Monkey! Notice her thighs above... Their perfect!}
26 inches long
89% percentile for both weight and height
14 head circumference putting her in the 51%
{This all equates to healthy and happy.}

Off to another week of joy-filled Mama duties. Happy Monday! 

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  1. Love her in that outfit!!! All smiles too! :<}

    Aren't you glad there's no camera following you around? I know some of the things I said to John Parker when he was a baby had to be ridiculous. But at that stage, it's whatever makes them smile at you! :<}

  2. Baby oh Baby you are so c-u-t-e! Love every inch of your precious self...what ever Mommie calls you is just ok... love u Sunshine! Gram