Friday, March 30, 2012

SO very glad i said "YES!"

We're waiting on you baby girl... and in the mean time I am taking a few minutes to reminisce....

4 years ago today, Jay asked me to marry him. seriously the best. day. ever. Don't get me wrong, I loved our wedding day too {and lots of other random life days} but there is something so fun about being completely surprised and instantly filled with joy. And engagement day is no pressure and no planning just excitement and anticipation and plain joy. loved it.

And I loved it even more because Jay planned the best. ever. proposal. I know I am biased, and it was only the best ever for me because it is our story. I loved looking through some of the pictures this morning and thinking back to such a special day and then fast forwarding back to the reality of today and how we are again waiting in anticipation for another special day ;)

 Several of our college friends and Jay's family setting up the surprise early on a Sunday morning
For several months my sweet and honest, then-boyfriend had carried on and on about how he really wanted to take flying lessons and how he had met and befriended a neat guy who owned a small plane at the tiny, local Clemson Airport. I totally believed the whole gig and so when Jay showed up at my apartment to pick me up for Church that morning and said that his friend had "randomly called with a cancelation" that morning and wanted to see if we wanted to fly around over Clemson it legitimately seemed only like a neat opportunity. 
Our pictures from the plane
We flew over Death Valley and Clemson's campus and went on and on about how neat it was to see all the places that had become "home" over the past 5 years from up above
Then we flew over a local football field and I saw the above and proceeded to have one of the most blonde moments of my life. Its embarrassing really. 

I said {while looking out the window} "Jay, someone is getting married!" Then I turned around and saw jay holding out my ring {It was a small 4 person plane and I was sitting up front with the pilot and Jay was behind me} and then had to look back at the field and back at Jay before it all clicked. Jay always jokes that he probably should have included my name in blue plastic tarps as well. Who knows if it would have made a difference... haha! I was in complete shock and SO excited! 

Oh and I said "Yes" of course ;) 

We flew around several more times and saw all our friends running around on the field below
Our friends got several pictures of our plane...
And had some fun of their own with all the blue plastic

 The pilot took this picture for us when we landed...4 years ago today... and now I am super prego and jay is losing his hair... haha we are falling apart... but I love this man and am so blessed by our journey together. Such fun memories along the way. 

Baby Girl, you have one special Daddy who surprised your Mama big time! Pretty sure he will have some surprises for you over the years too. He's pretty good at them :)
Oh, and since it was Sunday and Chick-fil-A was closed Jay had arranged with the owners and our good friends the Tylers {Jay was working there as a manager at the time} to have a {surprise} party with all our friends and family after we landed back on the ground. It was SO MUCH FUN! We got to share in all our joy with about 50 - 60 of our family and college friends and even several precious friends from out of town. So, so wonderful! 

Another Chick-fil-A stop along this crazy chicken journey we continue to be on! 

Thanks for letting me reminisce a little bit. Such terrific memories of such a special day in our lives

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  1. Oh wow!!!!! That is the sweetest proposal ever! What a nice guy. :<} That will be a fun story to share with little Miss Hawkins- teach her how important it is to find a guy who will treasure her like her daddy does! :<}

  2. Oh...I got chills of excitement again as I saw these pics...What a wonderful day and time for all of us to share in the BEST BEST ever event! Way to go Jay-bird! love u both and soon to add another 'love-lee'...can't wait!

  3. Oh, I remember that special day!! So sweet!! You are a precious couple and your little girl is blessed to have you both!!

  4. that's so awesome!!! i'm impressed :) Good job jay

  5. this is so cute :) I'm getting God brought me an amazing fiance that I will marry in 44 days and I have to agree. Engagement is a beautiful moment. no planning no stress. thanks for sharing your experience!