Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Wonderful Waynesboro Baby Shower

I am so blessed to have an amazing group of women in my life here in Waynesboro. Something I had been praying for ever since Jay and I embarked on this Chick-fil-A journey and knew that we would end up in a community where we knew no one. Well God has blessed me with several many ladies who are simply a blessing. Thats the only way to describe them. A blessing because they are God ordained friendships. Love these waynesboro women!

A week and a half ago these three beautiful girls have me and Little Miss Hawkins a Baby Shower. It was SO much fun and there were lots and lots of thoughtful details.
Bethany, Shannon, and Susie

There was tons of yummy girly shower food. I love shower food. All the fruit and sweets! Call me crazy, but I could totally live on a shower / wedding reception food diet! haha
There was peanut-butter in the middle! Oh my! Anna knew the way to this Mama-to-Be's heart!
SO ADORABLE! Baby Girl Hawkins Cake Pops! 
These were so good. Oh my! Sinful really... 
Two of the shower "activities" were so, so, neat! These ladies had two "stations" set up. One was to decorate a numbered Bib for Baby Girl to wear each month of her life to document her growth. Just fun! I knew I wanted to take some sort of creative month by month pictures but I love this idea way more than any I have been because each month I have a unique baby bib made by a dear friend who loves my little princess! love it!
My Kate made a pearl necklace on her bib! so perfect :)
How fun is this! 
The second super special "craft" / "station" was a birthday letter table. All of the ladies wrote a Happy Birthday Letter to Baby Girl Hawkins for her to open on her birthday each year. Shannon had someone do this for one of her son's at one of her baby showers and shared the idea with me! It is going to be such a special treat to get to read these letters over the years.
How cute are these little girls...
They were having their own tea party! 
And Miss J.J. was such a good helper with the presents!

And one other really fun idea that was such a neat blessing was that on the invitation they asked everyone to bring a signed book for Baby Girl instead of a card. Love books and we have quite a library now. I think reading and bath time are two of the things I am most looking forward to with my little girl :)
My sweet Mama and my Best Friend from forever came up for the day! Baby Girl and I are both very lucky to have them
My first Waynesboro friend Alison!
Here is a fairly decent 35 and 3 Days Baby Belly photo too:
Miss Joyce who is our neighbor and friend and blesses Jay and I tremendously at Chick-fil-A!

It was a perfect day! Now we are ready for little miss thing to make her debut!

{and all these wonderful pictures are courtesy of Miss Bethany! She was kind to take my camera and capture lots of details from the shower}

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  1. Amazing! Loved seeing the food and the fun bib decorating! Just awesome. So excited I am about to burst!!! Tell your mama grandparenting is the best thing ever!!! Makes you smile in a place in your heart you never knew was there. Hugs to all.
    Nancy & John

  2. Fun!!!!!!!!! LOVE the cake pops- too adorable. And the book and bib ideas are so cute! Not much longer now until little Miss makes her grand debut.