Monday, March 26, 2012

38 Weeks and a few iPhone Photo updates

38 Weeks and 3 Days Baby Girl Hawkins Belly! 
Sorry for the terrible photo quality and the interesting attire... but hey my wardrobe staples these days are yoga pants, long tank tops, and Jay's t-shirts. Yup for about the past 2 - 3 weeks I have to search through Jay's clothes for a comfy shirt to wear. I am too stubborn to buy anymore maternity clothing and since I was pregnant through most of the winter and we have had an unseasonably warm spring, I have about 3 - 4 "outfits" that I rotate through when forced to venture into a setting that requires more than yoga pants... is this pathetic? Please tell me I am halfway normal for this late in the game?

I am crossing more and more things off our "Master Pre-Baby Checklist" and it is so nice for this slightly organizationally and list happy, crazy, hormonal, mama-to-be! 

First of all my Bella girl was forced to endure a "Hawkins Spa Day" last weekend. Now she hates baths with a capital H and so Jay and I fondly tell her she is getting the spa treatment instead. This is her face in response:
Poor baby... but she smells so good, and is nice and fluff now and ready to meet her little sis. Plus this is how I found her later that afternoon:
It must have been more relaxing that she let on ;) 

I also think I mentioned that we finally purchased a new washer and dryer that runs through an entire wash cycle without intervention... It is glorious! After lots and lots of research and waiting and debating I am very happy with our purchase and have loved organizing the laundry room / pantry. I can't help that I really do enjoy organizing clutter... It makes life so much better! Now if I could just get the husband to agree that daily maintaining the organization is highly important we would be set... He really tries but his brain just doesn't work the same as mine (darn it!) Oh well, it means there will always be something to organize I guess! 
We found these shelves and baskets at Costco, and they fit perfectly next to the washer and dryer. Its like they were all destined for us to maximize the amount of space in this little tiny room. Love it! And the best part of all are the neat little labels (I am a sucker for fun fonts) and the ability to hide all the random items away to give the illusion of neat and tidy! We also have ordered a corner shelving unit for "pantry" type items for the other corner of the room across from the baskets. 

This week 38 into 39 has been full of lots of cleaning... I think I have vacuumed every corner of the house and scrubbed every bathroom. Now little miss just needs to arrive before it is time to clean again! 

Maybe this week!?! 

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  1. Ahhh maternity clothes... I had exactly 3 shirts I could wear to work the last 4-5 weeks. So much fun. :<} You look adorable! Not long now- sounds like you're nesting!!

  2. You are SO normal with your maternity clothes. It seems to me a waste of money to buy more maternity clothes at the end, and it's always a challenge not to when seasons are changing. But just remember, you are going to want something you feel good in postpartum, save your money for something that a shrinking belly bump will look good in!

  3. Look @ all of my 'girls'...all 2 3/4 of you! Ahhhh....I'm getting excited! Katty, you look good and know you've got the home looking just right.

  4. I love that attire and love that pic!! You look so cute! So close so close!!! Can't wait to see her!!!