Sunday, March 11, 2012

a mommy list i hope i never forget

Happy Sunday sweet friends!

I love Sundays. The weather is nice here is Waynesboro and the promise of spring is right around the corner.... just like the promise of new life is right around the corner for our home. Three (+/-) weeks till little Miss Hawkins will make her debut.

I am a list maker and a task oriented person. I love to make lists and see what I have accomplished and I really work so much better when I am organized and have a plan of attack. I have a pre-baby arrival list {well, let me be honest here, i actually a few lists!}. There is the pre-baby House list, the pre-baby books to read list, the pre-baby baby readiness list, the pre-baby things I want to do list. Yes I am a little crazy :)

Anyway... now that we are getting close the lists have all kinda merged into one list and I am slightly driving my sweet husband crazy with reminders of "Hey I want to get this check off the list" comments constantly. {He isn't a list person - but does a good job dealing with my lists! haha}

Since its Sunday, it is attack the list day for the Hawkins... well right after the ACC championship basketball game. I do want Jay to enjoy his sunday too! {I may or may not have bribed him into putting together a bedside table during half time though...}

All of this to explain that I have found another list that I hope i never forget. Its not the check off and forget kind of list. Its a Mommy List of things to remember daily. Check it out here. Its such a cute blog and this list is powerful.

I am fervently praying as I figure out this mommy journey that the Lord helps me to set aside my lists and to be present in all moments with my sweet daughter. I am going to be honest that this will be a challenge for me. But my God is big and He knows my heart. Anyone else out there struggle with this? Tell me I am not alone...

My biblestudy of wonderful ladies and I are doing a study out of the book "The Ministry of Motherhood". It has been great so far. Just thought I would share for all you Mamas and Mamas to be.

I'll be back later this week with some of the projects I have checked off the house list and if hopefully nursery pictures - stay tuned!

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  1. So much fun, excitement, and anticipation these next few weeks for you and Jay! Prayers for you as you wait for your special arrival. :<}

    I hear you on the being present as a Mom- there are SO many hundreds of big and small things we have to do (or THINK we have to do) as wives and moms, it's hard to always be in the moment! I definitely struggle with that sometimes- yes I want to play trucks/Legos/pirates for the millionth time, but the laundry/dinner/cleaning doesn't do itself! :<} I try hard to remember he's only little for a short time- those other things will always be there.

    Thanks for a sweet reminder. :<} You're going to be amazing parents.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Courtney! We are so excited and ready to meet this little girl!