Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Few Updates in Instagram Photos & the Lemon Drop Cupcakes

Hello "Due" Date! We're still waiting on Baby Girl's "Birth" Date, but we are officially at 40 weeks...

Here is a little of what has kept us busy over the past few days:
Jay is teaching himself to play the keyboard. He really is pretty talented! First he mastered Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and then Mary had a Little Lamb {i think the nursery rhymes are making Baby Girl sleepy and content to stay in the womb forever} He has moved on to playing some Need to Breathe... He likes a quick challenge! 
These beautiful trees are blooming in our back yard. LOVE THEM! They are in full color to welcome our sweet girl home soon! 
Meet Bella: "Queen of the Mulch"
Jay and I pulled weeds and spread some mulch on Sunday afternoon. Bella decided it was the absolute greatest event ever. I mean seriously, what dog wouldn't love hanging out on top of a huge mound of fresh, ready to chew sticks. So cute, isn't she!?!
Rainbow over our house on Baby Girl's Due Date... Made me smile :)
 In celebration of our Due Date Jay and I went to Charlottesville tonight for dinner and to get one of the Famous Lemon Drop Cupcakes from Cappellinos Crazy Cakes Bakery. They are infamous for making women going into Labor within 12 hours of eating one. Crazy huh? Check out the story here
Who knows if it will work, but hey I love cupcakes so it was a fun little, yummy adventure!
As of today there are been 103 "Lemon Drop Babies" in 3 years according to the the Bakery owner. Could Baby Girl Hawkins be #104? 

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  1. Karen hasn't delivered yet either! They are considering inducing next Wednesday, one week after the due date, if everything looks okay. We'll be praying for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girl!