Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our New Addition!

Meet our sweet Bella!

She is such a precious addition to our little hawksnest :)

Jay and I have been wanting a dog pretty much since we got married. As you know we have lived like nomads. But now that we have a soon to be permanent address we have added our baby Bella to our family!
Last Saturday we woke up, and Jay said "Lets go to the pound." I jumped up and down like a little girl and we prayed God would give us the right little puppy (and Jay prayed I wouldn't beg him to bring home every puppy at the pound). We looked at all the puppies, and I continued to keep going back to a very cute, very calm, all black puppy in the far corner cage. She was the only one we picked up, and right away she snuggled her little nose into my neck. And my heart melted. And Jay knew it was all over. She is a shepherd, lab, and husky mix. So soft... and so smart. She doesn't beg, or jump, but loves to chew! So far nothing but her chew toys... no shoes with holes yet (keep your fingers crossed). She is a blessing and so fun to have around, but we are very biased :) More pictures and Bella stories to come!

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  1. katherine she's absolutely precious! congrats puppies are so much fun! wish we couldve seen you while you were in sc but definitely understood how crunched your time was. how did your nursing interview in va go? we sure miss you! keep us updated! happy easter ; )!

  2. Thanks Michelle! She has been such a joy! I got the job in virginia, and I am really excited, things seem to be falling into place. I will definitely be back and forth to greenville as we move so hopefully i can still come up and say hello to all my spice girls :)