Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mama!

Happy Birthday Mama!

So glad you were born to be my mommy... I am one lucky lady to have had you in my life. Today is all about you even if I am still half way across the country. I said an extra prayer this morning that there would be daffodils growing the the yard just for you. Here are a few of the many, many, many reasons I knw you're the most wonderful mom in the entire world:

- You taught me to make birthdays special and that they are a way to celebrate the people God has given us.... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY again :)
- You have patience that never ends.
- You will shop with me until we're about to fall over (and you taught me how to find a deal and only shop for a sale!)
- You made me a beach bum.- You are the strongest woman I know.
- You're strength is found in the Lord.
- You taught me to cook, and you buy things for my kitchen, and you give me your recipes.
- You love to learn new things.
- You're fun to go to football games with.- You give good advice.
- You love to drive.
- You like to eat healthy with me, and then save room for dessert :)
- You believe in your kids.
- You love Chick-fil-A.
- You encourage me to be a better person.
- You are a prayer warrior for your family. - You have helped me move, a lot.
- You will be an excellent grandmama.
- You let us have a candy drawer.
- You are funny.
- You are very generous to all those in your life.
- You are independent.
- You see the beauty in life.
- You are a good teacher in all aspects of your life.- You are a good listener.
- You are very cute and fashionable.
- You talk to me about the bible.
- You watch girly movies with me/
- You continue to show me how to thank God for each and everyday and how to love life even when its not what you expect.
- You taught me what it means to truly and deeply love your husband and it was beautiful.

There are so many, many, many more reasons that I love you so incredibly much. Mostly just because you simply are the best Mom. End of discussion, you just are. And I am blessed to have you, and continue to learn from your example of being a Godly woman. Thank you.

Happy Birthday Mom, and Happy 1st day of Spring everyone :)

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