Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beach Bum Bella

Mom and I went to the beach for a week, and it was glorious! We read books, sat on the porch, went on lots of walks, cooked dinner every night, and most importantly, I wore t-shirts and sweatpants the whole time. No make-up or blow-drying of the hair. Every girl needs a few days of complete relaxation, especially with her mama! Before you get too jealous we did paint and clean... and I mean serious moving furniture kind of cleaning it was intense, and fun in "we've accomplished something" kind of way.

It was our Bella girl's first time to the beach, and she loved every minute of it. We would start out for a walk around the block, and she would pull us straight to the beach access. After her first day on the beach it was like a magnetic force drew her to the sand to run, and play, and dig. Now, Bella girl doesn't dig in yard or grandma would her furry little be-bop in the crate for the rest of her stay in G'boro. But, on the beach she dug, and dug, and dug some more. And we let her because its the beach, even us human people dig holes at the beach, and because she was so dang cute covered in sand.

She is a cutie for sure, and I am in love with those floppy ears. She is staying with grandmama this weekend, and I am probably going to require camera phone updates frequently (Lord help me when I have a human baby!)

Here are a few more of beach dog Bella. Happy almost weekend :)

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