Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little life update.

Our life is moving at what feels like rapid speed! We're trying to enjoy every moment of the adventures God is blessing us with. Jay is in Atlanta, at Chick-fil-A corporate, in "operator school" until April 30th. I am very proud of all his hard work to reach this point in our Chick-fil-A journey. I am missing him like crazy but LOVING time at home with mom. God's timing is perfect for sure and its great to have a whole month with mom to take care of Bella girl, go to the beach, and take lots of fun day trips.

One of these little day trips was up to Waynesboro, VA to sign our lease on our townhouse. (Its a 3 bedroom, so we expect visitors!) It was mom's first trip to the new home, and it was fun doing a little exploring together. Of course we had to check out the Chick-fil-A. It isn't much but the footings are in the ground, and the bulldozers are moving dirt!

Oh, and I got a part time job in the Emergency Room at Augusta Medical Center. Its our county's Hospital up in Virginia and its only about 5 minutes from where we will be living. I am definitely looking forward to a short commute. I will be working about 20 hours a week (and plenty of other hours at the Chicken shack!) I'm excited about the fast paced ER and about getting back to blood and broken bones. I am a little anxious after having been away from the hospital setting for 7 months, but I am confident in Gods ability to provide abundant strength and wisdom for those 12 hour shifts again. :)

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