Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Christmas Recap

Okay... so still playing catch up a little bit but enjoying looking back over our Christmas celebrations and travels!

I loved decorating our first house for Christmas this year! I didn't do a ton, but we did have trees on our front porch and I made this wreath for the front door...

I was really into light green with red and white this year, so a moss wreath was perfect, simple, and easy to make. ALSO, please take note that we now have a black front door, black storm door, and new lights. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see these doors instead of the awful maroon {a.k.a. worst color ever or university of south carolina colors} door every day upon returning home. 
Here is a reminder of our old door... eww! 

Okay... back to Christmas...
Its hard to tell in this black, shapeless maternity dress, but I am 25 weeks prego with little miss thing in this photo. As much as we enjoyed our Christmas tree this year, I think I know a certain little girl who will be about 9 months old next Christmas that will like it even more. We discussed several times how our tree probably won't have many ornaments on the lower half next year :) 

I also got the awesome joy of planning our Chick-fil-A employee's Christmas party  again this year. I love our people so, so much and its always fun to get to cook / bake for them! My sweet Mama came up for the weekend to help me with everything and brought BBQ from our favorite carolina style BBQ {the only good kind of BBQ there is really} place in Greensboro. She was a huge, huge help and its always fun to be in the kitchen with mom. 
We snapped this photo at Chick-fil-A in our Santa Chair.

Here is a look at all our yummy food & desserts: 
 Our Menu included:
BBQ Slaw
Greenbeans - cooked over several hours with chicken bouillon {p.s. use bouillon cubes in your green beans. trust me. they will be amazing}
Hashbrown Casserole - I am planning to make another hashbrown casserole this week  to take with us on our mountain weekend with Jay's family, so I will share the recipe. It is loved in our house, and 4 pans of it were consumed at the christmas  party.
Homemade Cornbread - another easy recipe I promise to share!  
White Wine cake - My mama's specialty! 
Red Velvet Cupcakes with Browned Butter Frosting - This frosting is so easy to make and really yummy! 
Sugar Cookies with this Cookie Glaze - they were a hit and the glaze looked great... you really should give this a try on some valentine cookies!
White Chocolate covered Pretzels
Brownies - you got to have chocolate!
Oreo / Peanutbutter No-Bake Dessert - Oh My! It was gone in 2.1 seconds. Seriously amazing. enough said. 

We also played the Gift exchange game where with the night before Christmas story {except I changed ours to the Night Before Christmas at Chick-fil-A of Waynesboro Story}. It is always a great way to do a gift exchange quickly without stealing gifts... i've always hated that part. 
The best gag gift was a frozen chicken! ha! 

I made these Sea Salt Caramels to give as Christmas gifts, and they were to die for. Make them today.

Happy Saturday everyone! Our goal is to get the Christmas tree down finally....
And I also am working on a couple of projects for Baby Girls nursery today. We may or may not be hanging a super cute, super girly chandelier in her room ;)

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