Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Breaking Baby News: Hello 3rd Trimester! {and a few other Baby Updates}

Can't believe I am 28 weeks Pregnant! Reality check for sure. Baby Girl will be here in 12 weeks or less. I keep telling myself I am ready, but then I get nervous... hopefully thats normal! God gave us this sweet baby, and I am so excited, but also a little anxious. Just being honest here. 

So here is a 28 week Belly Shot...
Not sure about the face, but pretty typical face for me to give Jay or so he tells me
Baby Girl better be getting big in there!

Our sweet friends Ian and Rachel sent us this precious baby gift in the mail this week...
 I am in love. Ian was one of Jay's roommates at Clemson, and he and his super talented wife Rachel {a.k.a The Nanny who Knits} live in Oregon. If you ever need a great idea for a baby shower gift or really any gift because she has some cute stuff for adults too then you need to check out her blog. Thanks again Ian and Rachel! 

Also... we hung this chandelier in the nursery. It makes my heart smile. 

And we ordered the crib... So glad to be checking things off the nursery list!
{I have different bedding... the monkeys are cute, but not quite what we had in mind}

One last thing.... Have y'all heard about these Information Blankets? So Neat! Every blanket purchased also sends one to a new Mama in Africa with information in their language about basic baby care. I can't imagine the idea of welcoming our little girl without the help of books or pediatricians or my computer to look up every single question. I think they are an awesome idea and a great reminder to mama's here to pray for other mama's around the world. 

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  1. you look great!!! I cant wait for pictures of your sweet girl!!!