Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mama-to-Be Confessions

My sweet friend Meagan from nursing school has a new blog and it is super cute! {Not quite as cute as her little 7 month old E, but its cute!} I started following her blog and saw a link to a Mid Week Confessions party of another blogger. Let me just tell you it is encouraging and affirming in this world of blogging to realize that others are perfect. Now I think blogs are wonderful and I personally view mine as a "highlight reel" of our lives. With that said I typically blog about the fun events and cute stories and yummy recipes that i want to remember {who wants to keep track of the bad ones!?!} So it probably seems like most blogs are all sunshine and laughter and perfect little families...

As for me, for about every recipe I love and blog about there are usually quite a few I feel like I screwed up or the recipe claimed to be easy and i felt like i didn't do something right or have a bad definition of easy... Anyway, here is my confessions of this Mama-to-Be's anxious heart and its just me being honest!

- Jay and I registered for Baby stuff this weekend and I literally hated every moment of the experience. I have been doing lots of research on baby stuff {safe this, and quality that for weeks and weeks...} but when I walked in the store I was so overwhelmed and it was zero % fun. Also, registering for a baby is basically like registering for a panda bear... I'm obviously exaggerating, but I know about as much of what this unborn baby will like as I know about what an animal native to a foreign country will like. Seriously, she may hate pacifiers or the diapers we picked out make leak on her little hiney, or she may never take a bottle and not breast-feed well like i am praying she does... anyway my list goes on and on and then I get stressed picking out a bunch of stuff for someone I don't know yet... I'm crazy :)

- I made these M&M Cookies and they are AMAZING.... I MAY of may not have consumed 4 of them right out of the oven. Try them... or maybe don't because I am pretty sure it isn't just the crazy pregnancy sugar cravings that make them irresistible!

- Jay and I have been watching old episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" on Netflix and we think they are hilarious.... kind of our guilty pleasure right now.

- I am anxious about the lack of sleep after baby girl hawkins arrives. Really anxious. Just praying God gives me grace and strength because Jay tells me I am quite cranky when I don't sleep and I don't want to be a cranky new mom. I know that not sleeping comes with having a baby but I am stressing. {which is stupid b/c its not like I can do anything about potential sleep deprivation now}

- I stress about stuff I can't control instead of allowing the Lord to handle it {see above}

- We toured the labor and delivery unit where we are having the baby {only 10 +/- weeks from today!} and I teared up a little bit while the nurse was showing us around thinking that this is where my sweet little girl would first enter the world. Hormones? I hope so!

Well... those are my thoughts and honest confessions for today.

Now go make M&M cookies :)

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  1. Gosh, I'm not even pregnant and I worry about the sleep deprivation with kids thing! You are perfectly normal. :-) Thanks for a little insight into your feelings!

  2. Love it- and even though I'm not pregnant yet, I'd like to think that everything you said is 100% normal, because I'm sure I will feel the exact same way! You guys are going to be such great parents... can't wait to see you little one! :)