Thursday, January 27, 2011

a few notes to myself about snow

Tt snowed up here in Virginia yesterday, a whole stinkin lot. I was skeptical, or maybe just optimistic that it was going to pass by good old waynesboro, but I was wrong. 12 inches wrong. I know thats nothing compared to Boston or DC, but to me it was quite a bit.

I was in quite a predicament due the snow because I had to be a nurse in the ER this morning at 6:30 AM. So while I was shoveling a foot of snow off my driveway, borrowed snow shovel, at 8:30 at night, when it had finally stopped pouring snow, I made a little mental list of things about snow.

1. Buy my own dang snow shovel {instead of begging one off my neighbor down the street who I met for the first time last night}

2. That I picked the dead wrong profession for getting snow days.

3. Why can't people automatically not get sick when there is snow on the ground?

4. Never, ever, ever let my husband go out of town for the week to sunny Atlanta, with our only 4 wheel drive.

5. That I happened to be the only female out shoveling their snow last night {there were plenty of husbands and sons.... I was the only one representing the girls}

6. That my husband is going to think I am a beast when he gets home and sees our sparkly clean driveway, that I shoveled all by myself. {my neighbor offered to help but I finished our driveway before he did... hence I am a beast :) }

sorry for the bad photos but it was late, I was tired, and I simply had to quickly document my shoveling skills and figure out a way to get Bella back inside. To say she was loving the whole foot of snow craziness is putting it mildly. 

Happy snow day! 

... And for the record I made it to the ER in my little honda this morning :) 

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  1. What an amazing job! U do woman!