Monday, January 17, 2011

The Big 27!

How cute is this little kiddo!?!!
His mama tells me he was a trouble maker from the very beginning. I am pretty sure he was singing Deep and Wide at the top of his lungs...
And then his mama says he would go and do something so precious like this...
He would stand on his parents bed and play preacher :) He was practicing for the next sunday in church when he would tug on his mama's dress, point to the preacher, and ask when it was his turn to speak... 
This little man is 27 years old today! 
And the odds of me having one just like him are pretty good :) 

I have been blessed to know my sweet husband for 7 years now! Time flies when your having fun... I am so thankful for the man that He is as a husband, a friend, and encourager, and a brother in Christ. Can't wait to see what God has for year 27!

I am one lucky woman to get to walk through life with this man :)

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