Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Big News!

We have very big (life changing to us) news... and no we are not having a baby :) .... we have been selected, and blessed, with our own Chick-fil-A. To simply type those words shocks me. It doesn't feel like reality to have achieved such a huge goal. Jay has worked so hard and has remained steadfast in his calling to Chick-fil-A, that to say I am proud of him is the biggest understatement of our marriage. I am beaming from ear to ear with how much I am totally in awe of the fact that God has allowed me to partner with the most amazing, honorable, hardworking, and diligent man on the face of the earth.

Although this is the goal we have been working towards, it is really the beginning of lots more hard work, love, tears, and chicken grease. We walked out of the corporate Chick-fil-A office into a beautiful sunny Atlanta day, at 5 pm on Tuesday afternoon, and looked at each other. We both simply said "I feel humbled". It was strange. That was not the emotion we expected, not at all. But it was overwhelming. To represent such an amazing company and to have the ability to influence a whole community of people is simply humbling.

Ok, ok I know you're thinking get to the important stuff like WHERE and when and all that jazz.... drum roll please... we are moving to Waynesboro, Virginia! Yup, I am sure you've never heard of it, but welcome to somewhere between Charlottesville, Roanoke, and Harrisonburg Virginia. Right in the Shenandoah Valley and off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Its a small town and we are thrilled to call it home.

The rough plan for the Hawkins is to leave Oklahoma sometime next week, head back to the carolinas. We will then plan to move up to Virginia in early May and let the fun begin. Lots of overseeing of the actual building of our little store and lots of hiring new employees. Then grand opening in July!

We are extremely excited and so very thankful of all the support and encouragement we have received. Thanks for being wonderful friends and family.

And on a side note real quick, the chick-fil-a interview process was an awesome experience. It definitely confirmed the fact that we are working for the right company. After we had been selected, we ran into Truett Cathy. We were introduced as his newest operators, and he left us with a little piece of advice... the Man himself said "Continue to work hard for me." We of course said "yes sir" to this dear 89 year old man, and were once again humbled by the fact that we are able to to influence people and serve chicken all because this man worked hard his entire life. What an inspiration.

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