Friday, March 5, 2010

some very important women

I don't know how you feel about Mother - in - laws... but man, mine is amazing. And as far as sister - in - laws I am beyond blessed. I married a great husband, but I also married a supportive, encouraging, and all around wonderful second family! We recently got a much needed weekend with Jay's mama, daddy, and my sweet lyndsey ... yup, shes mine now, not jays :).... and it was refreshing to be with family. I had a huge smile across my face today just thinking about how much I love them and how excited I am to see them soon, and how I am really hoping we make chicken enchiladas together.

Valentines day with my Ladies!

AND... my other sister... my Leah! Jay and I were blessed to get to spend almost an entire week with her and her hubby Jason in oklahoma, during a blizzard. I think we played 10 games of settlers of catan. Literally. And ate an entire box of vanilla waffers with peanut butter. AND made snow cream. And fell on our be-bops quite a few times! All thanks to an Oklahoma snowstorm.

AND ... my Mama... my daily encourager ... she's MY WOMAN. I miss her like crazy. enough said.

Happy Weekend :)

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