Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why this little Blog?

Over the past 2 months or so I have been thinking on and off about why I write this little blog. It hasn't really been the focus of life over the past several months, and maybe that is why I have had so many thoughts about what I like about blogging, and what I don't.

The past several months have been B.U.S.Y with a capitol B. And I have a pretty strong hunch that seems to be the new normal, and its kinda the way we like things around here. Miss Love Bug is getting more and more fun, and busier by the day, and we want to throw more kids into that mix... more kids we birth {and Lord knows that being pregnant alone makes a mama feel like her body is hiking a 10,000 foot mountain} and we want to adopt... a some point. All that kid talk to say life will only speed up... in the best possible ways.

So, I am in a season of focusing on priorities and figuring our how to make my life Full {you know, my 2013 goal word} without seeming like frantic chaos. I want to be invested in what matters, in the things God is calling me too, and in the commitments that only I am uniquely able to handle.

Alright, with that said, I love this little blog. My little corner of the web. My space to express myself and reflect our life. I blog for my family. For Caroline. One day hopefully, she can look back and read about her Mama's memories, and her parent's heart for her along the way.

It's by far not my top priority. It falls somewhere in the mix when all the important playing, and memory making, and celebrating, and loving and relationships, and oh after some working, and after the cleaning gets finished up. Yes, after the cleaning, because I am a little OCD like that, and it is important to me that our home is a place of peace for my hard working husband to come home to {As I type this, I have about 3 loads of laundry screaming my name, and dinner would be much less stressful if was currently being fixed while C is napping, but apparently today blogging does feel more important than those things.}

Blogging to me isn't about how many followers I have, or how many comments I get... sure those things are nice and affirming, but its not why I started this blog, or what motivates me.

My first blog post was about this time three years ago when Jay and I lived in Oklahoma... I was desperate to keep up with all that was going on in our lives and all the changes that were coming full force in our direction. In the 3 years since I first designed this little page, we have moved to Virginia, adopted our Bella-Dog, overseen the building of, and opening of our very own Chick-fil-A, bought and renovated a house, and welcomed sweet Caroline into the world. I love looking back on those memories and reading and seeing pictures from those times. That is why I blog, for me really. For me it is to capture moments and weigh them down with the importance of written word and reflection.

I love reading other blogs. I probably really spend too much time doing it... Mom blogs, food blogs, and decorating blogs, and money saving blogs, and everything in between. They provide so much wisdom, and even some connective-ness for a mostly stay-at-home mom. They feel like you have an unknown friend in your corner. Kinda like when a mom stopped behind me at a stop light gave me a quick thumbs up and wave as I am parked, at a green light, to re-insert Caroline's pacifier into her screaming mouth, instead of just honking and seeming overly annoyed that I am holding up traffic. While each mom's journey in child loving is so very different, it is also so very similar in the day in, and day out devotion and unexplainable care for those hands and feet, and smiles that you have known since their very creation. Its a powerful, unspoken bond in being a mama.

If I can ever be an encouragement to others in my words or stories, or if I can point others in a tiny way towards Jesus then I pray fervently that my blog does that. There would be no greater purpose.

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  1. Katherine---I love reading your updates about your and Jay's lives and Caroline's too! Please continue to post---as often as you're able. <3 Dr Ice

  2. I love blogs, too. I wish it could be a full time job to read blogs! :)

    I love to see your pictures and updates of your sweet baby girl. You're also a very good writer!