Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yay for 11 MONTHS!

So this girl is actually 11 1/2 months, but hey, I did get this post in before 12 months. Jay and I have been traveling the past 10 days, and I did manage to snap these pictures on her 11 month mark, but I didn't get them on the blog until we got back. (More on our amazing Costa Rica trip coming soon!)

ELEVEN MONTHS. One month short of a year. AHHH! I am remembering so many details about how I felt this time last year, and how anxious I was to meet this little girl growing in my belly... and meet her we did! No turning backnow, she has our hearts, and I am blessed beyond all measure to be her Mama and to spend so much time loving on her. 
 I fully recognize that I am biased, but seriously, she is gorgeous! 

And my biker bunny chick.. ha! She loves this motor cycle. There is a button it that she loves to push that says "Hey Baby!" and she giggles every time. Precious. 
 Caroline, you aren't quite walking yet, but you think about it, and can cover some serious ground on your bike or by holding onto furniture. 

You still are SO busy, and into exploring everything. You love to open and empty cabinets or baskets or drawers or suitcases. Just about anything that is new to you {or neatly organized!} 
 You have the best smile. And the best laugh. Your clapping is precious. Keys are your favorite ever. You have your own set that we carry everywhere. You also still love music and bounce or "dance" to anything that has even a tiny beat. 
 You love to eat, and are loving all foods that you can pick up yourself. You are sleeping great, and we are all glad that your third ear infection is behind you. YUCK. No more of those nasty things, okay? 
 Caroline, you love to be held and walked around to push buttons on the microwave or point out people in pictures on the fridge. You are SO observant. And you are a pure JOY to watch you learn. 
 You say "Ma Ma" and "Da Da" and "Ba Ba" (for Bella) appropriately and it is the greatest sound. 
 Thank you for such fun-filled days. Being your mommy is the better than anything I ever could have imagined. 
Keep up the good growing and learning sweet girl. You are so smart, and learning quickly. God is already shaping you into an amazing little girl. It is a joy to get to be a part of your story. We love you!

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