Monday, February 18, 2013

10 Months!

Our Busy Little Love Bug turned TEN WHOLE MONTHS last week... Ahhhhh! I am already thinking first birthday {actually, i'll be honest, I started thinking first birthday party planning when she was one month... so its more nailing down details now! What can I say I like to plan, and especially when it involves celebrating}

But for now she is thankfully still only 10 months and 1 week... and I am so glad because she is fun to the tenth degree. Into EVERYTHING, and doesn't sit still unless she is asleep. I tricked her into 2 minutes of stillness to snap these pictures by giving her a couple new books. Sneaky mama :)
Books, Caroline, are your favorite thing. You like to be read to, like to flip pages, love to pull them out of the basket, you adore books with buttons, flaps, textures, or sound, and your water books in the bath are a must every.single.night. You love them all. Caroline, I hope this love for books sticks around forever. 
 Along with being busy and reading you love to eat. You love snacks and your current favorite foods are butternut squash, yogurt, and mangos! 
 Caroline, you are pulling up on everything you can get your hands on. You "cruise" around the coffee table and ottoman, and are even standing alone some when you let go of a chair or furniture. Walking is coming, but Mama is in no hurry. I feel like I am just getting use to crawling.
In the last couple weeks you have now figured out how throw the ball for Bella. You are so proud of yourself, and Bella loves that you are able to interact more and more. She is such a sweet and gentle "big sis". 
Mom and Dad left you for the first time last week for 5 nights. You stayed with Gram and did awesome. You had a blast and I am doubtful if you even missed Mama at all. Mama on the other hand missed you tons! 
Caroline, you are into dancing these days. You think music is the greatest, and bounce around and clap your hands to anything that has a beat {even Mama's awful singing!} 
You are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes these days... you are so long, and your chubby baby rolls are disappearing quickly. Your 9 month check up and "stats" were really 9 1/2 month stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 12 oz
Length: 29 1/2 in 
Caroline, your very favorite thing these days is to say "Bye-Bye" to everything. and to everyone. All the time. Its adorable, and you have a country twang to your "bye." It couldn't be any cuter. 
Thanks for another wonderful month full of laughter and silliness. Thanks for your grins and your learning. You remain our joy!

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  1. Love that you have an interest in music and books! Wonder what will be your passion one day? I'm a blessed Gram to have you. Can't wait to see where u go from here! I'm a happy Gram!