Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OH MY! 15 Weeks!


My girl is growing SO fast... Anyone figured out a way to slow down the growth rate of a 3 month old? Or just slow down time in general? 

Nope... Me either. I wish though. Caroline is just too dang fun for it to be going by SO SO fast!

This week we made the big switch to cloth diapers. I have been doing research, and debating and going back and forth since before her arrival in April. My dear friend Jessie gave me three cloth diapers from the Little Bee Company, and I decided to go ahead and buy 3 more to give it a fair shot. So far we are doing cloth at nights and when we are at home for long stretches. I love it! Caroline seems fine, they are pretty darn cute, and I have only used 7 disposable diapers in 3 days. Washing is easy, and I am already planning to buy several more by the end of the week. Not sure we will ever do it completely full time, but I love saving money on disposables, and being a little green.

PLUS, and I love this almost as much as I love how cute they are: The Little Bee Company is so great! For every diaper purchased they send a diaper to a baby in an orphanage around the world. We got a card with our diapers saying that 3 diapers were sent a baby in Haiti. I have been telling miss Caroline when I change her diaper about the babies in Haiti and that are having their diapers changed too. LOVE IT! 

We did a little 15 week / Cloth Diaper / "Capture the cuteness" while it lasts photo shoot yesterday... Caroline and I decided on the pretty Red Diaper since we are excited for Team USA and the Olympics in just TWO DAYS!! 
 Just barely caught that adorable smile!
 BIG girl holding her head up... We are loving tummy time these days!
Miss Caroline also is enjoying her fingers and just about anything in her mouth
 Gram found Baby C this great mirror last week and its a new favorite toy... 
OH, and check out those rolls.... I die. 
 Caroline, your hair is wavy and curly and beautiful! Mommy and Daddy think you are pretty darn close to perfect... Thank you for a wonderful 15 weeks :) 

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  1. Oh my...Oh my...what a cutie pie!! Miss Priss you are so wonderfully made. Thanks be to my Lord. I love you Caroline.

  2. I don't know how you keep from eating her up!! She is adorable! Enjoy every minute!!! It really does fly by!!! Love you all!!