Monday, July 2, 2012

a few days with family

Instead of the beach we were blessed to get to spend a few days with family in South Carolina celebrating the life of Jay's precious Mema Bea who is now rejoicing, in a completely healed body, with Jesus in heaven. EVERYONE who came to celebrate her life, went on and on about how well she loved others. She loved Jesus, and she loved her family, and she loved her friends, and she loved her church. She loved well. Is there anything better that can be said at the end of a life. A life that loved others well.

I was blessed to know Jay's Mema Bea, but only after she had suffered her first stroke. But even after a stroke I remember her continually saying "Honey, I love you." She would say it when she first saw you and when she was saying good-bye and often times just because... because she truly did love people.

Jay told me a story of Mema Bea and Jay's Papa Jim, and it is the most perfect, most sweet image of love. Mema Bea had a hard time getting her thoughts together since her stroke, so Papa would said "Mama do you want to pray?". He would pray, and she would repeat his prayers. He led her and she trusted him... completely. Simply beautiful. After 58 years of marriage and after loving the Lord together for so long their prayers become one prayer. Prayers for family and friends and church.

It was such a blessing to get to hear so many stories of her life and of my husband's life growing up.

Jay and Caroline and I also were blessed to get to spend a few days with family. It wasn't quite the beach, but we had fun anyway! Caroline & Gavin got to wear their tiny bathing suits in the back yard blow-up pool and looked as cute as ever!
Beautiful blue eyes! 
 Sweet, chubby girl in her hat! We are in love with every single one of those rolls :) 

 Gavin wanted Caroline to play! He was so sweet to share with Miss Caroline.
 She liked laying on her tummy and kicking her feet in the water... she is a water bug for sure.

There sure isn't much more adorable that babies in bathing suits in a kiddie pool... It was almost as fun as the real beach! 

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  1. Oh my goodnesss, Katherine, that little swimsuit and hat is PRECIOUS!! She is so stinking cute! Glad you got some good time with family and were able to celebrate Jay's grandma in a such a sweet way. Miss you, friend!