Monday, July 30, 2012

16 Weeks & Meeting Danish Cousin Sara!

Happy 16 weeks my love! This past weekend you got to meet your Cousin Sara who was visiting from Denmark! You also got to hang out with Uncle Randy, and meet Sara's friend Sofie! They spoke a little danish to you and loved on you lots. You're a lucky girl to have so many people to squeeze and kiss and love on you!

We ADORE your awesome, laid back personality. You are so happy with just about anyone. You smile and "talk" and play and already just love life. Mommy and Daddy sure do love life even more with you in it :)

We just might have to take you on a trip to Denmark one day to see Sara and Jenny and Anne in their home! Hope you like to travel like us. 
Thanks for visiting us Randy & Sara & Sofie and for loving on our girl! 

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  1. Oh wish I could have been there to see little miss Caroline:)