Thursday, July 12, 2012

3 Months and 13 Weeks!

Caroline Bennett was 3 months and also 13 weeks on Monday... and man she is SO FUN! I am blessed to be her Mama and to get my days with her!

A few things about Miss Priss at this point:
- We are in some 3 month clothes and lots of 3-6 month clothes. Growing big wayyyy to fast...
- Switching to size 2 diapers this week {Need a bigger size for her adorable chubby legs!}... I think you're close to 14 lbs!
- Caroline, you are a talker! Oh my! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you baby noises. I could listen to them ALL day and night. Precious. 
- You are so serious, but in a good way. You definitely smile tons, but you focus in on something and it holds your serious gaze for what seems like forever. You are very intent already on figuring things out... Maybe you will be detail oriented like your Mama??
- You usually sleep 8 hours for me at night... THANK YOU! I would like 10, but we'll work on it... I'm certainly not complaining about 8!
- You love music. Kids radio on Pandora is wonderful :) 
- Bath times are still your favorite, and we have had some fun in the kiddie pool on our deck. You are our little water bug!
- You are napping in your crib during the day, but still sleeping next to Mama in your bassinet at night. We are going to start working on nights in your crib... I'll be honest though, I am sad to see you out grow your bassinet. Just another visible sign its all going by at light speed..
- Caroline, you are beautiful. Mama and Daddy definitely think so, but we hear if from others too... because you really are a gorgeous baby girl. 
- Your sweet little personality to so inquisitive and still so laid back. Its perfect! 
Thanks for another wonderful month of being your mama. I love our days together and I am so thankful and blessed that you are healthy and growing. Happy 3 months little love bug :)

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  1. Katherine, I can't believe how much she's changed in the past month! She IS beautiful and getting so big! We're going to check out Kids' Radio in Pandora. We listen to Rockabye station and love it. :)

  2. She sleeps 8 hours STRAIGHT??? What do I have to do to get a baby like that!!?? :)

  3. Happy '3' my sweet girl! I can't believe how beautiful you are to me and I can't wait to hear you talk some more. Love and hugs sweet girl.