Monday, May 21, 2012

miss priss is 6 weeks old today!

Caroline celebrated her big 6 week milestone by sleeping 6 STRAIGHT HOURS last night! Can I get a Hallelujah!?! It was glorious to get that much sleep in a row... now if we can just keep up that pattern :) 

 I just LOVE naked babies... and lucky for me my sweet girl likes to be all natural with just a cute flower headband {its all about achieving the important necessities in life! ha!}

I laid her in her crib this morning for run grab my camera and I came back in the room to sweet baby talking. She was babbling away to her Bear and Baby Doll. If only I could understand her little thoughts and cute noises! 

I just LOVE this girl! There is simply nothing like falling in love with your sweet baby. Those chubby cheeks and little leg rolls make my heart smile :)

Our friends Cody and Nicole came to visit Caroline for the weekend and it was so great to see them! We had a fun visit full of bagels, a trip to the bookfair, grilling out, playing Bocce ball, and ice cream!

Can't wait to meet Baby Boy Simoneaux in September! 

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  1. look at that belly!! TOO cute (: love her!!

    1. i know... i love the belly too! great to see you today :)