Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 Week Photos & Caroline's 1st Playtime with Cousin Gavin!

Caroline was 7 weeks old on Memorial Day! We are absolutely loving all her cute faces and her chubby belly. At 7 weeks she is grabbing our fingers and holding on. She likes her Daddy's fingers the best {but Mama's will do okay}. She is also starting to give little smiles in response to our voices. I am still waiting on the full face grin... its coming and it is going to make my heart melt and smile all at the same time. Caroline is wearing a mix of newborn and 3 month clothes now. In the past week she had her first road trip to North Carolina and South Carolina and got to see BOTH grandmas and her papa! She also wore her first pair of sandals {cute little ruffly things pictured above}. She also attended her first wedding and made it through half the ceremony before getting a little fussy. {In her defense it was super hot in the church and she was in columbia... i think she sensed that she was in a church full of Gamecock fans ;)... } This week, she also discovered a love for the vibrating bouncy seat! 
Man, this girl is C-U-T-E!!!!! 

Caroline had her first "play date" with cousin Gavin. This cute boy was in town when she was born, but that was not the time for the two to really get acquainted. He was surprisingly gentle with Miss C for being an 8 1/2 month old boy! He would just touch her with his finger, and once tried to lick her toes :) Gavin still likes to mock her noises and cries and it is the cutest thing ever! 

 LOVE this one of them looking at each other! Gavin is thinking "Come on, grow up! I have so much to teach you" and Caroline is thinking "Okay then, break me out of this seat, I'm ready to learn your moves!"

This is about the time that Gavin started bouncing her seat up and down and Caroline spit up all over everywhere and we decided enough with the photos... 

Caroline, I am loving week 7 with you! You are so much fun, and so darn adorable... Excited for all the adventures in store :) 

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  1. Love the pictures of those sweet babies together!!! Enjoy every minute!!!