Thursday, May 17, 2012

Caroline's 5 week photo shoot

Our sweet girl was 5 weeks old on Monday and she is growing faster than I could have ever imagined! Grandma was in town on Monday so we did a little mini-photo shoot with her really nice camera and new lens...
 LOVE these sweet faces... this girl is already so full of personality!
 A little bit of a fussy face {and blurry!}... but Bella is being so sweet in the back ground looking in on her sister
 So serious!
 Our Clemson Girl!
 Caroline was telling Bella her own rendition of the Clemson cadence count :)
 sleepy girl by this point!

You had a check-up with the pediatrician at 5 weeks and you were weighing in at 10 lbs 8 oz! You go little chunky girl! Your legs have the cutest little rolls and I swear your cheeks only get more and more chubby each day. Precious! You are also 22 inches long! You are starting to fight sleep, and we are pretty confident it is because you are becoming more and more alert. There are too many interesting things to watch {such as the ceiling fan and the light coming in the window} that you don't want to close your eyes. Your pacifier is quickly becoming a good friend, but you don't want it all the time... and you spit it out as soon as your little tiny fussy fits are over. You still love, love, love riding in stroller and in the car, but your new favorite thing is to lay naked on your changing table. You kick your cute legs and make all kinds of noises. SO SWEET! Still liking to nap on your Boppy lounger, but it is starting to get a little small.. it will be a sad day for your Mama when you out grown that pillow. We love you dear girl and continue to feel blessed that you are ours to raise! Love, Mama

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  1. So sweet, Katherine. The pictures are gorgeous. My favorite is the very first one, but they are all precious. And Bella...what a great big sister she is turning out to be!

    Can't wait to meet Caroline in person.

  2. Precious, precious pictures! She is beautiful!! Enjoy her!! The time goes by so fast!! Love you all!

  3. What a beautiful girl!!!!! Love, love, love the dress in those last couple.