Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Best Friends.

When we rented a lake house in Clemson with our college friends we brought Bella along too. She got to spend the weekend with Leigha & John's dog Tobey. I had been asking Bella for weeks if she was excited to meet Tobey (and yes, I talk to my dog... and yes, I realize that is a little crazy.) Of course Miss B didn't answer me, but when she did actually meet Tobey, they were instant best friends.
All pictures courtesy of Niemann photography :)
Bella once again decided the lake is the best place in the whole entire world, and she still doesn't understand why we don't live there.
Bella girl and Tobey ran, and swam, and chased each other so much that Bella slept through the entire ride home. It was either that or she was in deep depression over leaving Tobey....
And if you were concerned about how they would remain best friends from states apart, don' worry because we already have 2 more play dates scheduled for the coming months.

Off to Boston for a girls weekend with mom & to watch the Tigers play. Happy weekend, sweet friends!

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