Friday, June 4, 2010

A Little Family Fun in Staunton, Virginia.

So if you come visit us, demand that we take you to Staunton. Its a cute little town with a fun downtown strip full of antique stores and unique restaurants. When my sweet second family came to visit us right after we moved in we spent an afternoon wandering around in Staunton.
We spent an hour or so in an old antique shop with a clothing shop upstairs. Now this was not any old clothing shop, it was where one would go if they were dressing for an old school tacky dinner. It was a blast and we had lots of laughs. No judgments can be made on the following photo:
I blame all shenanigans on our good friend steve spangler. we love him. Or i blame it on the smoked chicken we stopped and ate on the side of the road.yup, we're weird, but it was cooked in a smoker for lots, and lots of hours by a church group, and it was delicious.

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