Friday, June 25, 2010

The Rivah.

Jay and I were so blessed to get a weekend away from Chick-fil-A craziness, and even more blessed to spend a weekend with Kate and Jeff. We've been friends since first grade, and it was a blast to have a "grown up weekend" at the Rivah. Now its really The River, but Kate calls it the Rivah, and she isn't the only one. All the signs leading to the Rappahannock River say "the Rivah" so whatever they want to call it we had a great weekend. There was lots of relaxing, and laughing, and swimming, and crab catching, and just enjoying being with good friends.

The Rivah

The Shack... and by shack I mean adorable, comfy little house with hydrangeas :)

Bella wondering why she just now discovered this place in in her 6 short months of life

Weighing the options of jumping in....

We were so impressed with Bella's swimming! She jumped right in on her own and loved it!

Bella: Oh man this is Dog Heaven!

I love this sweet friend! God has continued to bless our friendship over lots of years.

This guy is pretty great too :)

Somehow i didn't take a single picture of Jeff... but he was there, and he is great, and he and Jay did lots of boy things... and I think this picture might have been staged. It looks that way, huh?

Bella: Tell me again why we don't live here all the time?

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