Monday, May 31, 2010

My very first attempt at keeping something green alive...

I have been planning all winter and spring to grow herbs. I am so excited about the possibility of just walking out the back door and picking fresh basil while cooking dinner. It sounded so easy. Now I am living in fear of over watering my little guys!

I found a few old terra-cotta pots at mom's house and decided to spruce them up a touch with some spray paint. I was inspired by my sweet friend Lisa and her pretty red painted pots on her front porch.

These are the plain looking, weathered, boring pots.

This is the dog, stuck behind the screened in door, who thinks she wants to come outside and become a blue spray painted puppy. These are shiny blue pots filled with herbs and lots of hope. (Hope that they survive overwatering, and lack of watering, and nibbling by a certain puppy who nearly escaped being spray painted blue.)

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