Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Graduation: The End or The Beginning?

Jay just graduated from "Chick-fil-A School"! It was an awesome day spent with family and friends at the Chick home office in Atlanta. I love to celebrate people and rejoice with the ones I love over their accomplishments and victories. Just about anything in our home can be cause for a mini celebration. Life is wayyyy to short to not spend a heck of a lot of time rejoicing! So, you can imagine just how thrilled and celebratory we felt for Jay, my man, and his HUGE accomplishment. It marked the end of lots of unknown and lots of sacrifice, and lots of saying "who knows where we will end up or when we will end up there," and LOTS of praying.

While I let out a brief little sigh, and began thinking something about reaching the mountain top, Jay jolted me back to the reality with a question about the size of our employee break room, and another question about where we were going to hold some dinner. My sweet Lord spoke to my heart and said "hey girl, this is just the beginning. You have reason to celebrate, but you have not 'arrived'." Nope, and who the heck wants to "arrive"? Give me the adventure and the daily surprises any day.

We finally have answered the question of where Chick-fil-A is taking us, but we have simply begun another journey that will ultimately challenge us with a whole lot more praying, and some more sacrifice too. Praise Jesus for that fact, because I am thankful for the battles and victories that it took to get us to this point! And I am thankful that we can say it is definitely the beginning of our next adventure!

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:

Just hanging out with good friend Truett...
Doesn't my mama look pretty! I loved her green dress :)

AND... we had the new SPICY Chick-fil-A sandwich. Its delicious and coming to a chick-fil-A near you June 7, 2010. Coming to Wanyesboro, Virginia in July :) Be excited... it will make you sweat.

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