Friday, September 26, 2014

oh my, someone is FIVE months!

Last weekend, Sweet James turned FIVE months. I just can not even get over how sweet this kid is... and how much he smiles and how cuddly he is ALL the time. He definitely lets you know when he is upset or hungry or having a little tummy ache with quite a bit of screaming, but seriously 98% of the time he is the hands down the sweetest, most adaptable, laid back little guy God ever created. And I am thankful.
James is getting more active and engaging by the day. He wants to be sitting up constantly, and is rolling all over the place. He has found his toes and wants them in his mouth all the time. Loves his bath and kicking his legs in the water. We are slowly getting to a fairly set 3 nap a day schedule with a short morning nap, long mid-day/afternoon nap, and a short evening nap... then bed time around 9. He is sleeping till about 7:30 in the morning with a middle of the night wake up to eat {still... and I am still attempting / trying to enjoy the 3:30 in the morning time with my sweet boy...} By the way James, you can sleep through the night anytime you want and mommy promises extra cuddle time during daylight hours! :)
Just made the jump into 6 month clothes and also size 3 diapers because at his last doctors appointment, at about 4 1/2 months, he was 17 lbs and 27 inches long! We love to read {grab at} books, and especially the soft, crinkly ones or the ones that have touch and feel pictures. James continues to be completely enamored with Caroline and her silliness. She definitely elicits the biggest, whole-face-lit-up smiles from her "bubby" or "brother bear" as she calls him. And boy, he sure is ticklish, with such a cute belly laugh. Peek-a-boo is also a favorite games around here. James is drooling up a storm, but still no traces of teeth. He continues to nurse about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours... Loves to be worn in the Ergo carrier {I still love my solly or moby wrap, but he prefers the ergo and his ability to wiggle around in there more.}

This past month we did lots of fun things including:
-Sending sister off to Pre-school every tuesday/thursday morning and picking her home every afternoon for lunch. 
- 74th Annual Family Reunion with Gram's whole family in Southeast Virginia. It was a fun weekend to meet and play with tons of cousins! 
- We also celebrated cousins Gavin and Rosie's 3rd and 1st Birthdays!
- Got to travel to South Carolina to see Uncle Ben and Aunt Stella, Great Aunt Robin and Great Uncle Stan, and Papa Jim (who James is named for!)
 - And while in South Caroline we stayed in a house with all of our dearest Clemson friends and their babies to go to James' 1st Clemson game which was Clemson vs. South Carolina State. Clemson won by a landslide, and we just about sweated to death, and we only lasted until half-time, BUT had such a fun, fun day! We also got to go to the first friday parade, walk around campus and shop in downtown Clemson, and have a fun breakfast tailgate! It was great to get to meet other baby friends Shaun and Cale, and for Caroline to get to see her buddy Braston. 
- We went to Greensboro for a long weekend to sell/shop at several kids consignment sales and got spoiled by our sweet Gram {the best!}.
- And we got to take James to Bethany and Aaron, our friends {and former Chick-fil-A employee's... they met and fell in love all because of Chick-fil-A of Waynesboro :)!!}, wedding. James looked like a stud, and LOVED being outside for a beautiful Fall outdoor wedding!
SUCH A FUN MONTH... and great start to Fall 2014 with this little guy! 

James, we are blessed, humbled, and overjoyed to walk through our days with you. Thanks for your never ending smiles. You are so healthy, and we think perfect. Mommy and Daddy pray every day for your strength and wisdom, and the BIG future God has planned for you, and the ways in which we know you will impact His kingdom. We adore you our little man! Thank you for 5 months... and we're excited to see what new things you do in month 6!

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  1. Sweet buddy! He sure was looking studly for the wedding! I love that he is such a snuggler and still loves those middle of the night feedings. Haha I have a feeling our little man will be very similar- big boys love to eat! ;) I love reading his monthly posts- it makes me excited for what's ahead!

  2. I love that he still has so much hair!!! Hudson's lost all of his baby hair & now his fuzz is replacing it. :) They need a play date soon!