Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 Month Update on our Little Guy!

Hello sweet 6 month old! You are so ticklish and you smile and giggle SO easily. It is a mama's dream. James, we have loved watching you grow over the past month. You are really engaging and into exploring the things around you. You are grabbing for everything you can get your hands {and mouth!} on and wanting to figure out this world around you. You preferred to be held or carried around while you explore things and still remain so snuggly. Music is your favorite, and you are loving toys that make noise. You also have started the army crawl and drag yourself around the room {still fairly slowly, thankfully, but you can cover some ground!} to keep up with Caroline. You are SO close to sitting up unassisted... another couple weeks and you will definitely have hit that milestone! Your stinker teeth have been giving you a fit, and while those bottom two teeth aren't quite through the skin yet, they are close, and you are chewing on everything you can get your hands on including your fingers. Come on teeth! We are officially in size 3 diaper and 6-9 month clothing... we love you bug guy :)

This past month we did lots of fun, and new things with you, little bubba... and you just go right along with the flow. Grab a nap when you can and smile your way through life. I ADORE your sweet, laid back personality. 

We went to the pumpkin patch...

And you spent a couple days boycotting a nap... so we took silly selfie pictures... hey, what can I say, improvise and laugh and start again tomorrow :) 

You took your first ride sitting up in the stroller like a big guy!

... and we have cheered hard for our Clemson Tigers each weekend... You look good in Orange Bubby!

Lots of fun baths with sister who loves to "scrub you up!" as she calls it. Sweet girl adores you! And you my little friend adore your bath. You would stay in the water

Listened to Caroline read you tons of books. She mesmerizes you. 

... And since you have decided to go on taking a bottle strike, you tagged along with Mom and Dad on our 6th Anniversary weekend trip to Virginia Beach. We loved having the one on one time with you, and since you are the easiest baby ever, it was so fun to have you with us to ride bikes on the beach, go for walks, sit on the balcony, and sleep through our dinner and brunches out... 

You pretended to drive... and made mommy tear up looking at this picture thinking about how I will blink, and you will be 16 and really driving... ahhh! slow down time!

...We picked apples with Gram...

... and tried a first bite of mashed banana. Not the biggest fan of solids yet, so we will take our time. You still nurse great about every 2-3 hours. You'll get the hang of that real food at some point :) 

James, THANK YOU for another amazing month of being your mommy. You and your sister are pure JOY and make being mama to two little people the best job in the whole world. I am thankful for your sweet smile and your curiosity. I love getting to re-see the world through your inquisitive eyes. Daddy and I are blessed to play a role in your life and love you to pieces!

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