Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our little Pre-School Girl

Last week my baby... this sweet precious girl... started 2 year Preschool! HOW IN THE WORLD?!? Seriously Caroline, you were just born, and what the heck!?! I fought this decision about preschool and thought, no way this little baby is ready to go to school {even it is PREschool}. It is is just another HUGE reminder of the fact that she really is growing up QUICKLY! I knew in my heart last spring she would be ready, and so we signed her up and of course she is loving it. She loves the social interaction with other kids and the songs and the stories and the play time in a different environment. We are loving Bethany Lutheran Pre-School so far, and Caroline's teachers are Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Smith.

And just being an honest mama for a minute, it has been soooo nice to have two mornings a week with just baby James to run quick errands, or schedule his doctor visits or just have a quiet minute. And all the mom's who understand say Amen! Then at 11:30 I am more than ready to have my baby HOME. Overall it really has been great!
After her first day, Caroline ran right up to James and said "Oh Bubba, I missed you SOOOOO much!" It was the sweetest ever, and I am think my heart exploded a little. It seriously is the best to see how much two tiny people can instantly love each other something fierce. His face lights up when she is around, and mine does too just watching their interactions. 

A few little updates on Miss Independent at almost 2 1/2:
- Beautiful! We obviously think so, but seriously Caroline you are inside and out.
- Thoughtful and loves being around people and other babies. Always wants to ask everyone's name, and remember them usually too!
- Has given James the nicknames Bubba and really likes to call him "Bubby"
- Loves to read, and has tons of books memorized that she will just start reciting from memory
- Favorite color is RED
- Still loves music and playing the guitar with Daddy
- Has the BEST ever laugh. It is infectious
- Loves animals, especially horses and puppies 
- Favorite thing to do is play in her pretend kitchen with Minnie Mouse
- Baby Doll named Ali goes everywhere with us... and I mean everywhere. I think she may be my third child with her own pacifier and bottle and clothes to keep up with :)
- Loves having her toes painted
- Daddy's girl to the core and loves riding on the lawn mower with him, or playing outside or just being in the same room with Jay.
- Asks to read her bible stories out of her kids bible every night, and reminds me to "talk about out day" to re-cap the days events, and pray each night. We love our little bedtime routine. 

Love you sweet girlfriend, and thankful you are enjoying this next step in your growing up journey!

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  1. Caroline looks adorable! She is the best big sister! I love reading your updates Katherine!