Friday, March 29, 2013

Crazy Springtime Snow Days

We have had quite a bit of snow for it to be MARCH in Virginia. There are still places with snow on the ground and Easter is in two days. Crazy. I am loathing winter, and the thought of continued chilly weather into next week make me cringe. :(
Most of these pictures are from our huge two foot snow back during the first week of March, which was Caroline's first real snow! Not sure how she felt about the whole experience, but she sure looked cute and stayed warm in her huge marshmallow suit!
 SO... funny story about large snows for me in Virginia. Jay ALWAYS happens to be in Atlanta. Yes, warm, sunny, HOT-Lanta. Me I am stuck at home in the snow with no snow shovel back in 2011 (read more about that fiasco here) and then this year with a baby and no power! (Thankfully my mom was here too or I might have really lost it and forbid jay from ever leaving a five mile radius during the months of October to May)
So, mark your calendars Augusta County, Virginia, next time Jay is scheduled to be in Atlanta, IT WILL SNOW. 
 Since Jay was away enduring the dreadful mild temperatures of Georgia, I was stuck shoveling the driveway I asked Jay to call me his rockstar beast of a wife for a day. He obliged. 
How cute is she!?! Caroline definitely made our snow day much more fun!


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  1. You go girl!!!!!! Totally impressed by your shoveling skills!!! I hope Jay was properly awed. :<)

    Love Caroline's hat!! She doesn't look too thrilled with the snow, but she was rocking that snow suit like nobody's business. :<)

  2. Oh your house is so pretty covered in snow!! Man you guys really did get a lot! It's been crazy cold here, but not one day of snow! (I always hope for one snow day with no school- but it didn't happen this year!). I love the pictures of Caroline in her marshmallow suit! Especially the close-up one where she's looking less than impressed. hehe! Too cute!

    Hope you guys have a Happy Easter!