Thursday, January 17, 2013


Look who turned 9 months last week!!
Her current favorite activity is clapping. I love it! So precious. Such joy

When someone new comes in the room we clap. When she pulls to standing she claps. When she hears music she claps. When she spits peas on mom, she claps. Poops in the bathtub, yes, she claps... {some claps are more preferred than others!} 
 Caroline, you also point and wave at everything you are not clapping for. You know the sign for more and use it all the time. More Daddy, more mangos, more water in a sippy cup. More books. More, more, more... more of everything except green beans or peas.. and definitely not more diaper changing, and you would prefer no more car seat. You know what you like, and what you don't like, girl friend!
 You find the smallest little things. You are detailed and remain so inquisative. Our little explorer. 
 Favorite foods include Mangos, Apples, Pears, Squash, Butternut Squash, yogurt, and Peaches. Oh and puffs! You have got the pincer grasp down! I love making food for you. It is easy, and so much cheaper, and really fun to make you healthy meals, and figure out what you like.
Oh, and you still love nursing. Mama milk is your favorite, and Mama doesn't mind :)
 You love music, and books. You love flipping through the pages and pointing out animals. Books with animals are your favorite these days. You are still a big fan of Bella. She is liking that you can push her ball across the floor, and desperately wants you to get fast enough to chase her. Even if you are fast enough for chase with Bella, you are quite fast, and have discovered the stairs. You can pull yourself up them quite quickly. It scares us! A gate is going up very soon little lady...
 Your hair is getting longer, and thicker. So pretty and very blonde! Mom likes bows these days, but you like pulling them out and chewing on them. Funny girl. 
 You have two modes... Silly, funny mode.
And serious mode. Both are great. 
And you are beautiful always.
 Caroline, you are BUSY! Into everything and moving constantly. This is probably why you don't like your diaper changed, because it requires staying still for 20 seconds. You can pull to standing and cruise along the coffee table or ottoman. You crawl like a crazy woman, and are all over the tub at bath time. You have to stand and pull down all your bath toys. You also have figured out the light switch and always reach to flip in when you are being carried. You point at the light when it comes on and are grasping cause and effect. 
 You sleep through the night most nights. About 2 - 3 nights a week you wake up once to nurse, but put yourself back to sleep easily. Your naps during the day are all over the place. You usually take a long morning nap, but it varies, and sometimes your afternoon or early evening nap is longer. I am thankful you are flexible and such a go-with-the-flow girl. You fit perfectly in Mommy and Daddy's crazy schedules. Thank you!
 Your top two teeth have poked through, so you now have 4 teeth! Yay!
You also have had your first two ear infections this past month, and consequently you first two rounds of antibiotics. Yuck. I have hated it more than you I think. You have been a trooper though. I hope we are done with those for forever?!
You truly are our blessing and our Joy. I feel like you get more fun every single day. You change so quickly, and it makes me sad how fast it is all going by. I miss the tiny baby who slept on my chest...  
But I do love that you are growing. I love that you are learning, and that you are healthy. Thank you for making us laugh, and keeping me on my toes. I am thrilled for all the new-ness and fun of another month with you! We love you sweet girl.

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  1. So sweet, Katherine!! I remember thinking every age was my favorite age!!! Even now - with my girls being 10 and 7 - they are still fun ages!! Enjoy this time. I know these first 9 months have passed so quickly, but when you blink, she will be 10!!!
    Love to all of you!!